Does Donald Trump Have a Personality Disorder?

Does Donald Trump Have a Personality Disorder?

Mouthing off like a teenager acting out. Insisting, contrary to the evidence, that everything he does is “the best, the greatest, the richest, the most,” while anyone who angers him is “the worst, a dummy, a loser…” Refusing to participate when things don’t go his way. Proudly flaunting his sexual peccadilloes and multiple marriages. Spewing below-the-belt abuse like a middle-schooler newly acquainted with offensive language. Could it be that Donald Trump suffers from a personality disorder?

It’s a Trump world – and we’d better get used to it

Grandiose personality disorder (GPD) is a form of clinical narcissism, though when millions of us consider reality show celebrations of bad behavior to be can’t-miss TV, the charge of narcissism doesn’t carry the sting it once did. Truth be told, more than a few public personalities could probably fit the diagnosis.

That said, no recent political figure has openly displayed the degree of incivility mixed with self-aggrandizement daily exhibited by Donald Trump. That he has not only thrown decorum to the winds, but outright shoved it off a cliff is bemoaned by pundits left and right. But his supporters seem inspired, even fired up by it, as if he were some bad-boy role model rather than a candidate for the highest office in the land.  One fan quoted in Time magazine exults, “He says what we wish we could say….” It seems his constituency can’t get enough of his brazenness and conceit.

Telling it like it ain’t

A key trait of GPD is an inflated sense of self-importance. This can translate to a tendency to “fluff up” or, to be frank, overstate accomplishments. Although Trump regularly touts himself as a vastly successful businessman, the facts don’t support these claims.

According to a February article in the highly-regarded The Economist, much of the wealth Trump inherited from his father was squandered on projects that went bust. For a man who characterizes himself as an international tycoon, most of his own fortune is confined to the U.S. (66% of it in New York), and the profitability of a great number of projects driven by him is dubious or non-existent. “…[H]e has not yet created a great company, raised permanent capital on public markets, gone global or diversified very successfully,” The Economist concludes.

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But if baby, you’re the bottom, I’m the top

To hear Trump tell it, however, he’s “made billions of billions of dollars making deals all over the world….” He also routinely dubs himself the best:  “The best thing that’s happened to Megyn Kelly…” “The best thing that could ever happen” to Israel, and the candidate who has “the best words.” By contrast, his every detractor is termed “a loser,” from Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to figures as diverse as John McCain, former staffer Roger Stone, pundit Charles Krauthammer, scriptwriter Danny Zuker, architecture critic Paul Goldberger…and Cher.

Taking his ball and going home

The overblown self-image held by a GPD subject is typically accompanied by an expectation that others should treat him in a way he feels befits his grandiose self-perception. The GPD sufferer will typically fly into a rage or seek revenge if he feels he’s not being treated as he should be.

As we’ve seen, when Trump can’t get a debate or other event arranged according to his wishes, he simply refuses to participate.  Earlier this year, when Fox News would not accede to his demand that they replace Megyn Kelly as Republican debate moderator, he declined to attend, choosing instead to set up an event of his own elsewhere.  Last week he bowed out of the high-profile Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the last minute when organizers would not comply with his wishes. He also has a long history of suing people for millions just for saying a single thing about him that he doesn’t like.

Even worse for a politician, Trump has banned, demanded undue apologies, or even had ejected from his events numerous journalists assigned to cover him.  When the Des Moines Register ran a negative editorial piece, he banned their entire roster from his appearances—in Iowa. Do we risk installing a president who might simply refuse to attend an economic or peacemaking summit because the arrangements were not to his liking? Or who will stomp out of a press conference because he doesn’t like the questions being asked?

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A brat or a thug?

GPD sufferers are also known to lash out violently at any suggestion of criticism, a trait that is, unfortunately for Trump, on frequent display.  The New York Times keeps a lengthy running tally of pundits, reporters, candidates and organizations he has criticized and insulted.

Privy to an advance copy of a decidedly negative speech by Mitt Romney, Trump shot back via Twitter, using the only ammunition he seems to employ – the personal attack. In debate after debate, and in daily social media salvos he routinely delivers below-the-belt insults that put him on the level of a vulgar schoolyard bully. The trouble is there’s no principal or teacher here to correct him. Let’s face it, we’re contending with an unrestrained being for whom the term “appropriate” seems not to exist.

The “Christian” strip club-owning adulterer?

Perhaps it’s the shamelessness and lack of empathy associated with GPD that explain the conscience-free conduct Trump’s displayed for many years. Although he’s declared himself to be a “strong Christian,” according to The Daily Beast at every campaign stop Trump champions The Art of the Deal, a book in which he brags about multiple affairs with married women. His frequent failed business ventures have put numerous employees out of work. But none of these events have elicited any evidence, or even professions, of remorse.

GPD can be catastrophic even when its effects are limited to the narrow interpersonal sphere of friends, family and coworkers. But for a man who exhibits so many symptoms of this syndrome to lead the largest economy on the planet, one filled with entities dedicated to undermining the U.S., the prospect is chilling. In an increasingly unstable world, where America’s fate can be impacted as never before by international politics and economic issues, can we afford a Commander-in-Chief with so many antisocial qualities?



  1.' Henry says:

    He is and his 47 percent moment came through his lobbyist who says Trump has been acting all throughout. Whatever Trump says now, I firmly believe he is lying. The press should always remind him that he is lying at every word that comes from his mouth and his likes follow and cheer him. Let those who are sane leave Trump now before you are all placed in the same camp

    1.' Giles says:

      Ve haf a kamp fur you.
      Sometimes a country needs a tyrant to take out the garbage. Tryants will pass but you may find yourself on the wrong side of history in the meantime.
      FDR was called a tyrant too….

  2.' Walter says:

    I Haven’t SEEN SUCH GREAT FAITH IN ALL THE WORLD.—Trump will win the election! Trump is a good man. The Lord whom I serve revealed this to me. Ask Him. Hear from Him–4-steps–1-Tune to Flo–2-Drop your pre conceived ideas–3-listen for His streaming truth–4-Journalize!! You can only get to God by Jesus as Jesus is the truth, the way, the life–no one gets to the Father except by Jesus—Streaming Blessings.

    1.' vcragain says:

      I do hope this is sarcasm else you are completely under his spell – Hitler had the same qualities and many followed him right into the pit of hell !

  3.' Donna Statkus says:

    This is a very dangerous man. You WILL pay if you go against him, and if people think because just being the average American they would be immune from retribution. Obviously they know not with whom they are dealing. Having been married to one like Trump (but not rich), and have worked under a few of men with this personality type, I am here to tell anyone who will listen to not fall for the lies. These guys start out very charming, then once they have you, the controlling begins. It ain’t nice, especially when the retribution begins, and sometimes can result in violent behavior, as well emotional and verbal abuse. If this man wins the presidency, he’ll make Obama look JV.

    1.' Jay says:

      Yes, OMG yes I dated a man who behaved exactly like trump, as a psych nurse I knew what was wrong with him, the moment I tried to leave he said he wouldn’t take away my life he would throw acid on me and take away my beauty, he was textbook narcissist

  4. MAIL@AMERIKANS.ORG' Manager says:

    It is easy to apply psychological analysis to anyone as a weapon to tear them down. I could critique your psyche from your words and your online photo if I didn’t like you politics.

    Performing psychological analysis from afar as you attempted to, is a cute little enterprise for people who miss the forest for the trees. America doesn’t need the most polite President right now. We need someone who is up to the challenge of dealing with Vladimir Putin, Iran and ISIS. What type of personality should such a person have?

    Trump may have all the flaws you cite, but none of the alternative candidates are perfect in any way, and regardless of his flaws, he is much preferred over a potential Double Agent working for the FSB as is the case now. Obama would suit your requirements I am sure, but you’d never see his concealed flaws as a President because you’re just not that good at what you’re trying to do.

    Anyone can fool us…..except Trump I suspect.

  5.' Celia Rutherford says:

    He scares me to death. He cannot not be the republican to win the nomination. As for his friend, the former speaker, talk about a loser. Ted Cruz being lucifer that is stupid. Sounds more like Trump. I’m a republican but I would vote for Hilary before Trump.

  6.' Dawn says:

    People might be right that Donald Trump is all pretense.

    His character may have Grandiose Personality Disorder.

    It may be the greatest show on Earth.

    Isn’t there a song about the saints marching in?

    “The Donald” literally translates to “The Lord.”

    Rockstar Madonna seemed to think he was the surrogate of God the Father.

  7.' Ann LeBeau says:

    And you don’t think that Obama and Hillary Don’t have disorders of their own? Are you kidding? Obama is the most narcissistic of the all. He loves himself and glorifies himself as a redeemer of sorts. Hillary, well, what do you call someone who is so obviously detached from the truth?

  8.' Jim says:

    Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll.

  9.' mike says:

    Don “the Con” Drumph is a garbage packed in skin.

    A real short fingered vulgarian…..

  10.' Giles says:

    Caesar Egomaniac has the balls to send Killary and other sociopaths to Club Fed for a long time.
    This is regime change lite

  11.' Sr lab says:

    The personality disorder you described is exactly what we need to lead this country. We are dealing with power hungry tyrants who pay to play with Clinton. Trump does NOT exaggerated his Love of Country. Do the research on his policies and 1991 house testimony. He wants to do the job to help the country.
    Right now he is doing the job of getting elected knowing that he will be under fire. Our country needs a great defender. A crazy maniac who can manipulate his foes and push a narrative that controls world wide public perception. More power to his overblown ego. After 8 yrs he can rest.

  12.' Jose Jimenez says:

    An unrelating, accurate assessment of Donny.

    He attacks Hispanics and Muslims constantly while ignoring his own German heritage, with a German Immigrant Daddy who may have been in the KKK. While he says others are incapable because of their heritages, he himself is disqualified as a German, with recent family from Germany, with business interests in Germany.

    How is it any different? Would he attack Judge Curiel if he was Judge Kissenger? Or would he ignore someone also German?

    He is incapable of controlling himself, so he rants and looks crazy, and perhaps he is. Either way, he’s killing his campaign all by himself.

    And for those who support him, it’s America, go for it. You’re just as bad.

  13.' Edwina Hughes says:

    Funny how no one asked these questions when Obama was running in 2008. Same can be said about him except he had not accomplished nothing but getting elected to congress after threatening his Republican about releasing some documents that might be embarrassing. At least Trump will talk to the Dems if he is the Prez. Obama had one meeting with Republican and when they didn’t kiss his ring and fall at his feet he cut them out….totally. who is the bigger child? I don’t like him that much but I wouldn’t vote for the Hildabeast for anything. If she is elected who is going to to the job of Prez? Bubba will be back. She already said he will be in charge. And Obummer will be slithering back and forth into the Whitehouse telling her what to do. And if she doesn’t do it…the ugly R sord.