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Why Listen to the Experts on Coronavirus?

by Richard A Reagan

One of the most infuriating aspects of the recent coronavirus crisis has been just how the “experts” have been all over the place. The reason most of us are sitting in our homes, subject to stay at home orders, is because politicians at all levels have been listening to the Chicken Littles at the CDC.

The worst case scenarios under the CDC’s models showed up to 2 million Americans dying from coronavirus, and that’s what officials decided to run with. That’s why they decided to push social distancing, shut down businesses, and crack down on large gatherings. And now that those scenarios are proving to be overblown and overhyped, they’re trying to backtrack and cover their asses. But it won’t work.

Typical of that is Anthony Fauci, who has become the public face of the coronavirus response. He’s now attempting to claim that those doomsday models didn’t affect policy responses, which is absolute BS. It was precisely the fearmongering of those models that caused governors across the country to enact their totalitarian policies.

In mid-February, Fauci downplayed the possibility of a lockdown, claiming that it would never happen here. Since then, he has become one of the major cheerleaders for a national lockdown, claiming that it would take months for the threat of the virus to be overcome. And of course, now that he senses the discontent with the lockdown, he’s backpedaling yet again, claiming that next month could see restrictions starting to ease.

What this boils down to is the fact that the experts on this virus don’t know any more about coronavirus than the rest of us do. They’re depending on models, anecdotes, and hyped up media stories that are intent on pushing a narrative and turning coronavirus into the next Black Death. We know just how much the media loves to turn every snowstorm or thunderstorm into a potential disaster, so why aren’t people picking apart that narrative too?

When this whole thing blows over, there will be a lot of finger pointing and blame assigned. Just watch as the Faucis of the world try to claim that they were against lockdowns in the first place and never tried to hype up the threat of coronavirus. Unfortunately, too many Americans have such short attention spans that they’ll forget just how wrong the experts were. They won’t hold them accountable, and they’ll allow them to remain in power to wreck the economy even worse during the next manufactured crisis.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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