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Biden Doubling Down on the Stupid

by Anthony Buckley

You would think that after a surprise loss in Virginia and a worse than expected result in New Jersey, Democrats would learn their lesson. But not only have they not learned their lesson, they’re doubling down on the same failed policies that cost them elections.

The Biden administration waited until after the election to finally publish its rule establishing a vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 employees. Had the mandate details come out before the election, it could very well have cost Democrats even more votes. As it is, it could still cost Democrats votes next fall.

Then the administration decided to impose new regulations on methane emissions from oil producers, regulations which will impose additional costs on producers. That could result in both reduced oil production and higher oil prices. With gas prices already significantly higher than when Biden took office, that’s not good for US consumers.

And Congressional Democrats are only too happy to do their part to destroy fossil fuel production too, introducing legislation to require the Federal Reserve to mandate that major banks stop financing projects that result in greenhouse gas emissions. The effect of that could be to shut down all fossil fuel production in the country, including oil, coal, and natural gas. And that could result not only in higher prices at the pump, but also significantly higher heating prices in winter.

Democrats don’t seem to understand that they’re coming across as arrogant, dismissive, and contemptuous. They don’t seem to understand that their attempts to pander to the woke are alienating them from ordinary Americans. And they don’t seem to understand that they come across as not caring that ordinary Americans have to pay more because of failed Democratic policies.

Democrats today epitomize the tone-deaf, uncaring attitude that pervades our political class. And as long as they continue in their belief that they are the elites who know better than the hoi polloi, they will continue to lose at the polls. The only question is whether we’ll be able to survive their insane policies until they’re driven out of office.

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