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‘Billions of taxpayer dollars’ Used by Gov Contractor to Traffic Children on the Border: Biden Admin Whistleblower 

by Richard A Reagan

Recent whistleblower allegations have rocked the Biden administration, claiming that billions of taxpayer dollars were misused by a government contractor involved in child trafficking operations at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The House Judiciary Committee and its Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement released a report detailing how tens of millions of taxpayer dollars were funneled to left-wing nonprofit organizations under programs like the Young Adult Case Management Program (YACMP) and the Case Management Pilot Program (CMPP).

These programs were designed to provide various services to illegal aliens, including legal orientation and social services referrals. However, the report suggests these funds have instead exacerbated issues at the border, diverting resources from crucial border security efforts.

“Taxpayer-funded programs like YACMP and CMPP provide a wide range of services to illegal aliens, including legal orientation, social services referrals, mental health support, and services to assist in returning to their home countries after removal,” stated the interim report by the House Judiciary Committee.

Additionally, Claire Trickler-McNulty, a former ICE official, admitted, “ICE lacks sufficient data to accurately judge the overall effectiveness of ATD.”

Further allegations point to the Biden administration’s Alternatives to Detention (ATD) programs, which have expanded significantly.

Critics argue that these programs lack proper oversight and effectiveness, with ICE officials admitting insufficient data to evaluate their impact. This diversion of resources has reportedly compromised the agency’s ability to prioritize public safety and national security.

Rep. Virginia Foxx commented on the overwhelming pressure on agencies tasked with vetting illegal aliens: “Since January of 2021, the Biden Administration has released nearly 3.5 million people into the United States… Agencies are unable to properly vet these individuals who are released into the U.S.”

House Budget Committee hearings revealed additional concerns about the misuse of funds initially earmarked for COVID-19 relief. Billions of dollars intended for pandemic response were allegedly redirected to support housing and transportation for illegal immigrants.

Representative Jason Smith explained that this reallocation has prioritized illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens, raising questions about fiscal responsibility and government priorities. “Your department diverted $1 billion from an NIH study for ‘long-COVID’ to house illegal immigrants at the border. You then backfilled NIH’s funding with money meant for COVID vaccines and testing,” Rep. Smith accused.

The Biden administration’s budgetary decisions have faced harsh scrutiny, with claims that cuts to critical border security agencies have occurred while cartels profit from human smuggling. 

The FY23 budget notably reduced funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by $150 million, even as border crossings and related crimes surged.

“President Biden’s budget puts cartels and human traffickers first, not the American people,” said House Budget Committee Republican Leader Jason Smith.

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