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EXPOSED: How a Chinese ‘Cyber Police’ Agent Helps Migrants Illegally Enter the U.S.

by Richard A Reagan

A Chinese ‘cyber police’ agent has been identified as running a private social network that assists illegal immigrants from China in entering the United States, according to an investigation by the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF).

Utilizing the encrypted messaging platform Telegram, this network—known as the American Self-Guided Tour Channel—guides its over 8,000 members through U.S. border vulnerabilities, providing detailed documents and scripts to help evade border authorities and falsely claim asylum.

Managed by an individual known as Jack W., who openly identifies as a Chinese government agent, the network is a hotbed for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda and stringent censorship of any dissent.

“We’re allowing an element that is completely beyond our law to be established firmly as a beachhead in the United States of America, and the people of America are going to pay a severe price, much worse than we are paying even now,” warned North Carolina Republican Rep. Dan Bishop, who learned of the operation through the DCNF’s findings.

Customs and Border Protection data reveals a disturbing trend: the majority of the approximately 48,000 Chinese illegal immigrants encountered by U.S. authorities in 2024 have been single adults, with a significant portion being “military-aged males.”

Bishop described the 1,100% increase in Chinese illegal immigrants since fiscal year 2022 as “historically unprecedented.”

The implications of this network operating freely on U.S. soil are far-reaching, raising urgent questions about the integrity of national border security and the potential for foreign espionage or subversion at the hands of the CCP.

Local authorities, like El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, express frustration over the lack of federal communication about the extent of these operations, which he believes pose serious national security threats, especially given the proximity of sensitive military and public utility sites to the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego.

The discovery of these activities calls for a rigorous reevaluation of border security protocols and a strengthened response to prevent foreign interference in U.S. domestic affairs.

The American public, particularly those residing near border areas, could face severe repercussions if measures are not taken to curtail these breaches orchestrated from abroad.

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