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The Medical Industry Continues to Fail Patients

by Anthony Buckley

Once upon a time you could trust that doctors and nurses had your best interests as a patient at heart when you were being treated. But those days are long over. Now the entire medical industry is focused on extracting as much money from payers as possible, overbilling for procedures and treating its patients as pawns.

The practice of medicine has also become highly politicized, and medical schools are at the forefront of creating doctors who think of themselves as social justice warriors first and foremost, and who forget that the fundamental principle of medicine is, first, do no harm.

The American Nurses Association became the latest group to embrace that politicization, coming out in favor of ending all restrictions on sex change operations and so-called “gender affirming” care. In doing so, they’re failing the most vulnerable patients of all, children.

Many states are taking steps to stop the practice of pushing children into transgenderism. Operating on children to try to turn them from one sex to the other is barbaric, sacrificing children’s future lives for the sake of pushing a twisted ideology. Yet anyone who speaks out against it, and who stands up for the truth that there are only two sexes, is treated like a bigot and a pariah for speaking the truth.

Between the COVID lockdowns, the relentless pushing of vaccines, and now the embrace of transgender ideology, the medical establishment has lost any credibility that it might once have had. Anyone with any sense realizes now that doctors aren’t any more intelligent than the average person, and their medical knowledge doesn’t imbue them with magical powers or insight into any subject outside the medical arena.

Even when it comes to matters of health, doctors and nurses are going to follow political and ideological dictates more than they will practices that lead to better health outcomes. We just have to hope that this realization of the politicization of the medical industry becomes more widespread, and that public clamor will put an end to it. If it doesn’t, all of us will suffer as woke doctors try to fight imagined injustice more than they try to fight disease.

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