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This Digital Currency Is Giving You Free Money In Exchange For Your Privacy

by Richard A Reagan

With all of the digital currencies out there, and more coming out seemingly by the day, it’s easy for most of them to fly under the radar.

But there’s one in particular that’s worth paying attention to. 

Not because of its investment potential but because of the threat it represents to your privacy and freedom.

Since it was launched in 2021, World Coin has only been available in certain countries.

However, it’s currently being introduced in the U.S. after raising $115 million in funding from investors.

What makes World Coin so different from all of the other digital currencies so far is the fact that it’s also linked to a digital ID, called World ID.

The idea is that this digital ID, which is essentially an “orb scan” (more on this later), will bring with it increased security and identity protection. As it says on their website, Worldcoin.org, World ID is a  “digital identity that proves you are a real and unique person while fully protecting your privacy.

But it’s not difficult to see how this could be used for more nefarious purposes, especially given who’s behind it. 

You see, Worldcoin is the brainchild of Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAi, which produced ChatGPT, an open source AI software platform that was released back in November of 2022 and is already taking the world by storm and turning several industries on their heads. 

But it doesn’t stop there… 

OpenAI was initially funded by Microsoft to the tune of $1 billion.

As we know, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has his hands in all sorts of questionable enterprises. At the moment Bill Gates owns some 270,000 acres of farmland in the US, making him the single largest landowner in the United States.

What’s the point here? Simple. All of this suggests that certain individuals want control over nearly every aspect of your life.

Unlike Gates, however, Altman is a strong proponent of universal basic income. This is a form of wealth distribution based on the idea that everyone should receive a regular cash payment regardless of whether they work or not … kind of like a global welfare system. 

It doesn’t require much imagination to see the problems with this sort of scheme.

Altman’s preoccupation with universal basic income is evident in the very premise of Worldcoin, which involves a kind of bribe by rewarding free coin tokens to all who sign up and offer up their eyeballs.

Yes, you read that right. In order to receive free money, all you have to do is submit to an eyeball scan by a device called, “the Orb.

If, by now, you’re thinking all of this sounds rather Orwellian, you’re not wrong.

The Orb, World Coin’s website tells us, “plays a vital role in the Worldcoin protocol. It’s a biometric imaging device developed by Tools for Humanity to prove personhood and enable universal access to the global economy in the most inclusive manner possible.

From there, they go on to discuss their “privacy-preserving measures”:

Once an individual has verified their uniqueness and humanness at an Orb, they receive a World ID that can be used as a privacy-preserving global digital passport to seamlessly sign in to websites, mobile apps and web3 dapps without sharing personal data like names, emails, etc.

To most of us this will probably sound like a lot of gibberish. But there’s plenty here that’s worrisome, apart from the creepy eye scan.

Worldcoin maintains that this is all for YOUR privacy and security, of course. 
Where have we heard that before? 

Oh, right… from every tech and social media company that’s constantly telling us their priority is privacy and security while selling your data to the highest bidder or worse… handing it over to the government.

And then there’s the ID, or “digital passport.

Think back just a year or two ago during the pandemic when there was talk of a worldwide vaccine passport.

And like a vaccine passport, which is designed to limit our basic rights, Worldcoin’s goal appears to be to limit our financial freedom as the first step toward a digital dollar.


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