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Trump Triumphs Over Biden in First Presidential Debate

by Richard A Reagan

In a contentious first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump clashed over key issues such as inflation, immigration, and abortion, with Trump emerging as the clear victor according to a CNN flash poll.

The debate, held Thursday night in Atlanta, marked the first face-to-face encounter between the two candidates in four years, setting the stage for a high-stakes election.

Inflation and Economic Policies

Moderator Jake Tapper kicked off the debate by addressing the rise in prices under Biden’s tenure, highlighting a 20% increase in food prices and a 30% hike in housing costs.

Trump seized the opportunity to tout his economic record, claiming that the economy was thriving during his presidency and that Biden’s policies had only created jobs for illegal immigrants.

“The only jobs [Biden] created are for illegal immigrants and bounceback jobs,” Trump asserted, referring to the post-COVID lockdown economic recovery. In response, Biden blamed Trump for causing inflation and praised his own efforts to lower prescription drug costs.

Abortion Takes Center Stage

Abortion, a pivotal issue this election, featured prominently in the debate. Biden promised to restore Roe v. Wade federal protections and criticized Trump for supporting a conservative nationwide abortion ban.

Trump, however, expressed his support for state-level decision-making on abortion, aligning with the recent Supreme Court decision on the abortion pill.

Immigration and Border Policies

Trump repeatedly hammered Biden on immigration, accusing him of creating a border crisis that endangers American lives and drains social services. “Because of [Biden’s] ridiculous, insane and very stupid policies,” Trump said, “Americans are being killed,” dubbing the situation “Biden migrant crime.”

Throughout the debate, Trump accused Biden of allowing millions of people, including criminals, to cross the border, thereby straining Medicare, Social Security, and other public services. He argued that illegal immigrants were taking jobs from Black and Hispanic Americans and overwhelming hospitals and schools.

“Our veterans are living on the street and these people are living in luxury hotels,” Trump claimed. “He wants our country to either be destroyed or he wants to pick up those people as voters.”

Trump’s Legal Issues and Hunter Biden

The debate also touched on Trump’s recent legal troubles and Hunter Biden’s convictions. Biden called Trump a “convicted felon,” referencing Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts related to hush money payments. Trump fired back, pointing to allegations of corruption against the Biden family and suggesting Biden himself could face criminal charges once out of office.

Debate Outcome

A CNN flash poll conducted by SSRS found that 67% of debate watchers believed Trump won the debate, compared to 33% for Biden.

This marks a significant shift from 2020, when Biden was seen as the stronger debater. The poll also revealed that 57% of viewers have no confidence in Biden’s ability to lead the country, compared to 44% for Trump.

Establishment media figures expressed disappointment and bewilderment at Biden’s performance, with many suggesting he should be replaced on the ticket.

The first presidential debate of 2024 set a combative tone for the election. With another debate scheduled for September 10, the candidates will have another opportunity to sway voters and solidify their positions on key issues.

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