Cheney Calls Obama ‘Worst President Of My Lifetime,’ Still Opposes Impeachment

Add former Vice President Dick Cheney to the growing list of Republicans who are not on board with Sarah Palin’s recent call to impeach President Obama.

Although a fierce critic of the president, Cheney does not support the efforts of some people of his party to impeach Obama, saying that it would only create a distraction. Far-right conservatives like Palin are demanding impeachment in response to Obama’s wishy-washy attempts to do an end-run around Congressional Republicans and take matters into his own hands. Obama’s handling of the immigration crisis on the southern border has heightened feelings about the situation.

In an interview on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, Cheney stated that he believes President Obama is “the worst president of my lifetime,” and that “Jimmy Carter might have been a better President.”

However, he firmly stands by his notion that taking Obama out of office is not going to accomplish much. House Tea Partiers are also generally opposed to impeachment.

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Congressman Raul Labrador (R-ID) was especially blunt, saying “I believe that Sarah Palin, who has given us good information on some issues, doesn’t have the burden of leadership right now. It’s really easy for her to go on FOX News and make statements that she doesn’t have to be accountable [for] to anybody but herself.”

Even the failed vice presidential candidate’s former running mate, Senator John McCain (R-AZ), went further, criticizing Palin for failing to recognize impeachment is a lost cause, as there are not enough votes in the Democratic-controlled Senate to even pass a measure. “We should focus our attention on winning elections,” McCain said.

Impeachment may simply be too far-fetched, especially after House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) expressed his disapproval as well.

Although Cheney is opposed to impeachment, he is not so opposed to Republican efforts to sue Obama over alleged abuses of executive power, going around Congress and using executive power to implement policies.

“I’m glad to see the House Republicans are challenging him at least legally at this point. But I think that gets to be a bit of a distraction, just like the impeachment of Bill Clinton [was],” Cheney said.

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Whatever one might think about impeachment, President Obama is taking matters into his own hands, which is not sitting well with anyone. But here’s to hoping Sarah Palin can get out of this sticky situation without a scratch. Although she’s probably already made a dent in her likability in the House.

Sources: CNN | MSNBC | Hot Air | Washington Post


  1.' Mari Johnson says:

    Cheney’s hate speech is finally residing in his looks that make him seem like a ogre. Poor thing long ago outlived his usefulness and now he just spouts his hateful racist venom and un-American blabs for the whole world to hear

    1.' Goldbondjim says:

      I agree.

    2.' Sam Jarman says:

      Cheney who betrayed America has no right to criticize Obama. He invaded Iraq on false grounds since he hated Sadaam Hussein. He doctored CIA reports and outed CIA agent’s name, all acts of sedition. He has given US a perennial problem in Middle East. Had a Democratic VP done what this fellow did, Cheney would call him an Arch Traitor of America and ask that he be put away in jail. He does not deserve the pension he gets from us.

      1.' Jessica says:

        THOUSANDS of AMERICAN lives have been lost because Cheney and Bush lied to the American people. How can he say anything disparaging about anybody???

  2.' John Jackson says:

    Chaney’s statement is similar to ISIS leader coming out and saying Osama Bin Laden was the worse terrorist leader of his life time.

  3.' Tim says:

    You guys must be die hard Demo’s and no matter what you say about Cheney (I agree with you somewhat), this IS THE WORST president we have ever seen and ever will see. It is obvious he grew up hating this country….

    1.' paul says:

      So,how can a jobs creating President(Obama) be worse than a jobs losing one (Bush)?
      Oh wait, Obama is black and since Bush has been called the worst ever …obviously Obama cannot be better….

    2.' Johnnie Hale says:

      Why is he the worst President ever? I really need to know. What makes draft-dodging Cheney think that he is qualified to judge any body? I’ll bet that Cheney’s daughter who is a member of the LGBT community doesn’t think Obama is the worst president ever. Obama has does things for this country that Ogre looking Cheney would not have the kindness to think to do.

    3.' Marc says:

      I agree with Tim. W hated this country or more accurately its citizens since birth.

    4.' CherryStrWhiz says:

      You clown, GWB and cheeeny were the worst pair to occupy the WH ever, if you right-wing neo-cons ever get your head out of your a__, you’d see that.

  4.' American Daegu Warrior says:

    This is like getting a compliment from the Germans in WWII. Can you imagine anyone other than Dick Cheney that would stoop so low to call the sitting President the worst, when he actually ran the government and screwed up everything he touched. He allowed ISIS to metamorphis in the prisons that may or may not have existed. He allowed all his actions as VP to be based on false data without regard for our military and its effect on our society at large. All I can say in response is “REALLY? REALLY Dick?”

    1.' Jessica says:

      Our country was on the verge of a complete meltdown when Cheney and Bush were in office. Their main concern were huge tax cuts for their wealthy friends and associates.

      Obama has tried to level the playing field. He hasn’t been able to, but at least he did what he could. I have a lot more respect for Obama.

      I am curious to know why Cheney won’t just go somewhere and enjoy his retirement?

    2.' Giles says:

      If Cheney was Hitler then Obama is Merkel. The former were wolves. The latter are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  5.' Behjat ligon says:

    What a totally waste of a human heart to keep a hatefu and racist creature like Chaney alive so he can continue to spread his venom around.

    1.' John says:

      Well said, and you know Chaney does not have real heart, it is artificial heart(pacemaker), that is the reason why he speaks like this.

  6.' Thomas Jefferson says:

    Dick Cheney was the worst de facto President the USA ever had.

    1.' Tara T says:

      I concur!

    2.' CherryStrWhiz says:


  7.' Jerry Howe says:

    The rhetoric that come out of Dick Cheney’s mouth is quite baffling. My mother had several heart operations and her I.Q. was slightly impaired as a result. I think that the heart transplant of Dick’s heart machine must have taken a tremendous toll on him mentally. It is quite remarkable that he can carry such hatred around him. It is not good for his new heart.

  8.' Jerry Howe says:

    Dick’s new heart has turned him into real Frankenstein of rage and anger directed against Barack and the Democrats. He is a real piece of work !

    1.' CherryStrWhiz says:

      The SOB, should have been jailed, and bush committed.

  9.' Marcus says:

    Ugh…we all know how Cheney goes down into history as a liar, corrupt, warmonger who deceived Americans and the whole world into an unnecessary war – killing enormous amounts of people so he could make a few bucks.
    He is the lowest of lows in the low world of politicians…and has no authority on Obama. The Republican party is just filled with caricatures, from him to Bush to Palin…all circus characters/.

  10.' paul says:

    Who did they kill to get Cheney a heart?

    1.' Paul Rossi says:

      Unfortunately, it wasn’t Obama.

      1.' C Miller says:

        Oh, so you think the president should be dead?

        Hello, secret service!

    2.' Witness says:

      Cheney literally doesn’t have a heart or even a pulse. There is a whirring pump in his chest.

    3.' CherryStrWhiz says:

      The guy he (cheeeny) shot in the face. They claimed the person lived, but he really died.

  11.' Edo says:

    Tricky Dick should keep his bloody mouth shut. He’s made blood money off the lives of our brave young soldiers sending them into Iraq under false pretenses after he engineered the privatization of the US military and lo and behold there was Halliburton and KBR waiting with the services lined up for ready no bid contracting. He has no heart and it shows.

  12.' Craig says:

    Worst could be defined by war crimes. Cheney and Bush need to be careful abroad because they may be snatched, tried, and hanged. I think that might qualify as worst, right, Dick?

  13.' Jack says:

    Cheney…cheney…Oh yeah the vice president that lied about WMD so his Halburton construction could make billions..and killed thousands of American soldiers.

  14.' Fred says:

    Obama sucks real bad and so does Cheney. Why is this guy getting air time? It is like Goerring or Himmler making the rounds after the 3rd Reich Fell.

    1.' CherryStrWhiz says:

      Well, fred at least, Pres. Obama didn’t lie us into a war that cost hundreds of thousand’s live’s (Americans/Iraqis). JERK!!!

  15.' Sensiblycentered says:

    I cannot believe the breathtaking crust of this ghastly human being – saying ANYONE EVER has been as awful as he and Bush.

    1.' Lonnie says:

      Amen, Dick Chnney and George Bush was the worse. SHame on you Dick. Can you spell stupid Dick?

  16.' Witness says:

    Ah, Cheney is to politics what Jack Palance’s characters were to movies: a scary guy. He is both weirdly fascinating and sinister. He cooked the intel on Iraq to foster a demonstration of US might, by constructing false claims about Niger yellow cake and phony “nuclear tubes”. Likely he had nothing personal against Saddam, a man seemingly cut from the same cloth. Saddam’s removal was just a means to an end and Iraq a convenient venue to stage a jingoistic show-and-tell project.

    Wars have a way of going sideways – and wars predicated on misinformation most of all. But America has a history of such affairs. Look at the Spanish American War, Vietnam – and Iraq.

    In the case of Iraq, the GWB Administration, with Cheney’s help, lost control of the arms depots, boosted Iran’s sphere of influence, and really teed off the Sunnis, helping to establish and motivate ISIS.

    Something happened to Cheney. As a younger man he had good instincts. Something later sent him over to the dark side.

    1.' Dave says:

      Luke – he is your father.

  17.' Aunt Fanny says:

    Dick Cheney, go away!!!

  18.' Chanaku says:

    A Dick will always be Dick. Cheney lives up to his name Dick.

  19.' Dave says:

    How is this automatron still alive? I thought his batteries were set to expire (pun intended) in 2008.

  20.' C Miller says:

    What a piece of work.

    As head of Halliburton, he lobbied for lifting sanctions on Iran so he could “do bid ness”

    then as vp, he pushed for a trillion $ war of choice against Iran’s enemy, Iraq, seriously destabilizing the region in Iran’s favor. And what a great job he did with the post war mess.

    he has no sense of guilt or any rational perspective. Needs new heart, as blood not reaching brain

  21.' Riot Fivethousand says:


  22.' Gordon Stewart says:

    “Dick”…(how appropriate). Why is it that those who found ways to actively avoid (real) service in the military (non combat) are the first to send US troops to their death? The so called “NeoCons” absolutely disgust me (and I did serve in combat). Please crawl back in your cowardly holes once and forever!

  23.' Tara T says:

    I left the Republican party because of Cheney. He is at the top of a long list of evil politicians and one of the very worst ever. Cheney shot his best friend but he should have tripped and found the gun facing toward himself. Seriously…bang one and done.

    1.' richwood7 says:

      When I was young I was a State Aide to the National convention for the Nixon second inauguration. Bush one made me wonder and Bush II and Cheney made me realize how retarded the GOP was and what liars they are and how anti-American they are. The Tea Party was the proof they hate America.

  24.' Joe says:

    Why is CNN even running this nonsense from one of the most corrupt political leaders of all-time? He’s a very bad person that should be in jail for war crimes at least. Certainly his profiting greatly from wars that he supported at the expense of scores of human lives is worthy of imprisonment. He should be rotting in one of the jaisl that he mostly likely profits from today. He should not be commenting on the current president, who is good human being but unfortunately powerless under the current political process. Obama disappointed me greatly but he still goes down has a president that wanted what’s best for ALL citizens.

  25.' Umba Gumba says:

    Unhappy words stick to the tongue.

  26.' Francesco says:

    Cheney/Busch evil empire worst in history.

  27.' Giles says:

    Easy to villify a dead hitler. Takes balls to stand up to a live stalin.