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12 Destinations to Travel to in 2014

by Jeremy Holcombe

We all want to see the world, but one thing or another comes along and keeps us from traveling. The New Year brings with it a lot to see and do, with many travel destinations waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Here are 12 destinations you should see in 2014, according to the Independent.

If you are lucky enough to be able to go some place once a month, then this list is perfect for you. However, if you can’t go to all twelve, then go ahead and pick a few that interest you the most.

12 Travel Destinations for 2014

January (Scotland): Start 2014 off right by heading to Scotland, for a year of countrywide celebrations titled “Homecoming Scotland.” Find out more at visitscotland.com.

February (Sochi): The Winter Olympics will take place here on Russia’s Black Sea coast. From February from 7th–23rd, the world will gather for the most popular winter sporting games in the world. You will definitely want to be a part of this. Find out more at sochi2014.com.

March (England): Celebrations of the birth of the Bard 450 years ago begin in March. Check out Shakespeare’s Way, a new walking holiday that traces the long-distance footpath from Stratford to London from Celtic Trails. Find out more on celtic-trails.com.

April (Ethiopia): Enjoy one of the most unforgettable photography trips you will ever experience with Frui. Find out more on frui.co.uk.

May (Canada): The new Glacier Skywalk opens on May 1st in the Columbia Icefield near Banff, a glass-floored observation platform perched 280 meters above the valley floor, offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers. Find out more on frontier-canada.co.uk.

June (Brazil): Besides all the amazing sites and sounds that Brazil offers, this year the FIFA World Cup will kick off in June. Find out more on realworldholidays.com.uk.

July (France): Get in pole position in Yorkshire, as the county hosts Le Grand Départ, the first two stages of the 101st Tour de France. The first stage leaves Leeds for Harrogate on 5 July; the second heads from York to Sheffield on 6 July. Find out more on hfholidays.co.uk.

August (Belgium): The 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War (1914.org) is commemorated on 4 August. Find out more on greatrail.com.

September (China): The new Six Senses Spa will open this month, and offer spa lovers everything imaginable. Find out more on sixsenses.com.

October (South Wales): Amongst other local festivities, the South Wales town of Laugharne hosts the centenary of Dylan Thomas’s birth. It will be a very unique and must-see celebration. Find out more on dylanthomas100.org.

November (Germany): Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, right in the German Capital on November 9th. Be a part of history as you wind down your year of travel. Find out more on leger.co.uk.

December (Antarctica): Finish your year of travel off by visiting Antarctica. There is a notable centenary this year; on 8th August 1914, the Endurance sailed from Plymouth at the start of Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Find out more on discover-the-world.co.uk.

Happy Travels!

Sources: The Independent | LonelyPlanet.com

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