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2014 Travel Predictions for Airline Passengers

by Jeremy Holcombe

2014 just started and already passengers are looking for the very best travel prices around. Remember last summer when United’s website suffered a brief nervous breakdown and showed fares to Hawaii and elsewhere for just a few bucks? Well, lightning struck twice; the same thing happened to Delta right after Christmas.

The best thing about this happening was that all of those tickets were honored. However, don’t expect that to happen again, the both airlines are obviously monitoring the situation more closely now.

We live in an era where there are fees involved for everything that comes with flying. From coffee to movies to food, long gone are the days of an airline ticket purchase including everything. We basically pay a ton of money to be six miles off the ground and sit.

More is going to change in 2014 as well. Here are some travel predictions you (the traveler) can look forward to in 2014. Some of them good, some of them bad, but you can expect all of them.

2014 Airline Travel Predictions

  • Fees and Ticket Prices Will Go Up More
  • There Will Still be Fare Wars (good for passengers)
  • No More Mergers (airline autonomy from here on)
  • Fewer Complains About Flying
  • More Complaints About Other Passengers
  • Cellphone Calls Will be Allowed
  • Security Will Ease Up Some but TSA Fee Won’t

While these are just predictions, more than likely they will all happen in 2014 at one point or another. As stated above, some of these are good, some are not so good, but all come as a part of being an airline passenger in 2014.

Sources: ABC News | Delta.com | United.com

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