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After Thousands Attend Rally, VA Lawmakers Reject Assault Weapons Ban

by Margaret Marie

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, in the face of a recent rally that drew thousands of gun rights activists to protest his gun control agenda, was unable to get an “assault weapons ban” bill through his Democrat-controlled legislature for a full vote.

By a vote of 10-5, with Democrats joining Republicans, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on February 17 to reject House Bill 961.

After winning full control of the Virginia General Assembly for the first time in more than two decades thanks to Mike Bloomberg’s gun control and clean energy groups pouring millions of dollars into the state, Democrat state legislators in Virginia immediately began ramming gun control bills through the state legislature.

After three gun control bills advanced through the Senate Judiciary Committee in January, including bills involving background checks, red flag laws, handgun restrictions, and allowing unconstitutional local ordinances, the national gun-owning community was in uproar. Gun rights activists rallied thousands of peaceful protesters to show up to the state Capitol.

In addition to the rally, more than 100 municipalities in Virginia have designated themselves as a safe haven or sanctuary for the Second Amendment. Law enforcement officers who attended the rally stated they would not enforce any unconstitutional gun laws.

That hasn’t stopped the Virginia legislature from moving forward on these bills. On January 30, the House passed multiple gun control bills after the Senate passed four of its own.

However, this latest development of the legislature rejecting a sweeping “assault weapons ban” is good news for gun owners in Virginia and across the nation, who in recent weeks have been petitioning for sanctuaries for the Second Amendment and showing up in force at the Virginia state Capitol to make their voice heard.

In other exciting news for Republicans and gun owners in Virginia, State Senator Amanda Chase, who the Richmond-Times Dispatch called “the gun-carrying Republican state senator from Chesterfield County,” announced on February 17 that she is running for governor to oust Northam. Chase, known even among her fellow Republican colleagues as controversial, spoke at the gun rights rally in January.

Image: Anthony Crider

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