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Antifa Is Organized and Ready to Rumble: Where Is the Right?

by Anthony Buckley

As we continue to see more and more information about Antifa, it becomes readily apparent that it isn’t just a social or political group like any other left-wing group. It is the armed wing of a left-wing insurgency that is trying to get its talons deep into American society. Antifa is organized and ready to act, unlike anyone on the right. As recent events have demonstrated, Antifa’s organization has resulted in riots in dozens of cities around the country. Will the right ever build organization that can act in a way similar to Antifa, or even react to Antifa’s actions?

In a way it’s amazing that it has taken years for many details of Antifa’s internal organization to trickle to the surface so that they’re better known to the mainstream. That’s in part a testament to Antifa and its quasi-governmental method of operation. It really sees itself as the armed vanguard of a left-wing revolution, in the vein of the Bolsheviks.

Take a look at materials provided to Antifa agitators in the past. You’ll notice that the group has classification levels, and presumably certain members have access to more sensitive materials than others. The organization has contacts within law enforcement providing intelligence to it so that it can operate more freely. And it appears that Antifa might even have supporters within prosecutors’ offices, allowing its members to act more aggressively in the knowledge that they’ll only get a slap on the wrist.

Antifa also has specified rules of engagement and rules of operation, limiting the scope of its actions to lone wolves so that if one member is arrested, the others won’t get rolled up too. It also has communications protocols, relying on correspondence through burner phones rather than handheld radios. And from what we’ve seen in recent days around the country, it has a network so embedded within American society that it can instigate or hijack protests in over 100 cities around the country. Even Fargo, North Dakota was affected, that’s how deep Antifa has its claws in us.

Where is Antifa’s counterpart on the right? For one thing, it’s tough to unify conservatives because the one thing that unites most conservatives is the desire to be left alone. There are some fledgling organizations such as the American Battle Buddies, although they’re still in their infancy. But as the danger Antifa poses to this country becomes more and more apparent every day, the right is going to have to respond, otherwise it’s going to get steamrolled. Do you readers know of any organizations that could pose a decent counterweight to Antifa?

Image: Christian Michelides

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