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Big Tech Continues Its Censorship of Conservative Groups, Leaves Antifa Alone

by Robert Wayne

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably know all about the campaign of censorship that Big Tech has been engaging in. Conservative groups on social media find their pages locked or shut down, their ability to take payments or donations shut off, or even have their websites taken offline. It’s all part of a pattern of deplatforming of conservatives in an attempt to keep conservative views off the internet.

The hypocrisy is that radical leftist groups continue to have their websites and social media pages freely available, even when they engage in outright praise of violence or in behavior that social media sites allege banned conservative sites have engaged in. Big tech has become dominated by leftists, and they’re in control of the levers of power. They determine what is allowed to stay on social media and what has to be banned. And 9 times out of 10, it’s conservatives who get the ax.

Even when conservatives appeal and get their accounts reinstated, they quickly find themselves banned again, as leftists on social media love to target conservative sites and figures and report them to the censors. It’s no wonder that many conservatives have given up on social media, as it’s slowly becoming a leftist echo chamber.

Among the pages Facebook is keeping up is that of Rose City Antifa, a Portland, OR-based Antifa group that is said to be one of the oldest Antifa chapters in the country. And despite its support for violence and its active participation in violent riots in Portland, its Facebook page remains.

Conservatives are pulling their hair out over not only this hypocrisy, but also the fact that Facebook, Twitter, and others are actively censoring discussion that supports President Trump or attacks Joe Biden. This type of censorship should be treated as election interference, and perhaps in the event of another Trump victory it will be. But in the meantime, Big Tech is doing everything it can to ensure a Biden victory, the continued success of Antifa, and continuing marginalization of conservatives.

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