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Big Tech Pulling Out All the Stops to Protect Biden

by Anthony Buckley

By now, every conservative should realize that social media is a battlefield, and we are foot soldiers in a war that will determine which direction our society takes. Silicon Valley is dominated by leftists, and Big Tech is doing everything it can to benefit Joe Biden and keep President Trump from winning reelection.

The recent case surrounding Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is a prime example of that. The New York Post has been at the forefront of publicizing information that allegedly came from Hunter Biden’s laptop. That includes emails and text messages from Hunter to various members of his family, and allegedly also incriminating images and a sex tape.

Other mainstream media outlets have been hesitant to publish the information, even though analysis of a subpoena for the laptop and its contents appear to be genuine, signed by the FBI’s top child pornography agent. The inaction of the mainstream media to run with the story, and even running stories claiming that the laptop is a piece of Russian disinformation intended to smear Biden, contrasts with how the MSM will jump all over anything that makes Trump look bad, no matter how thin the evidence. But the MSM’s behavior pales compared to Big Tech.

Social media firms colluded to freeze out the Post’s story and keep it from even being posted to social media. Facebook, Twitter, and others blocked any publication of the story, with Twitter going so far as to ban the Post’s Twitter account unless it agreed to delete its original post about the story. That’s an unconscionable reaction on the part of social media firms, and an incredible double standard, particularly as they didn’t protect President Trump when information from his tax returns was leaked.

But it isn’t surprising at all that social media firms would collude in that way. It’s blatant election interference, and it’s high time that these firms suffer for their misdeeds. They’ve hidden behind the protection afforded to content platforms, claiming that they can’t be regulated by the federal government because they’re merely a platform, not a publisher. But by their actions they have demonstrated repeatedly that they’ll only allow certain viewpoints to gain play, and they have no problem censoring conservatives and favoring establishment Democrats.

We just have to hope that enough people out there are still getting the message and heading to the polls to counter Democrats to keep their tactics from being successful. If Big Tech is successful during this election year, it could be the last time that any of us are able to exercise our freedoms.

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