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BLM Continues Its Record of Shady Real Estate Transactions

by Anthony Buckley

Every political movement eventually becomes beset by grifters. But some movements feature them in more important positions than others. And it appears that Black Lives Matter (BLM) may even count one of its founders among them.

Patrisse Khan-Cullors, one of the founders of BLM, and the originator of the BLM hash tag, has already come in for criticism for her multi-million dollar real estate purchases. But now it has come to light that her wife has been involved with another shady real estate transaction.

Khan-Cullors’ BLM organization transferred millions of dollars to a Canadian charity run by Janaya Khan in order to facilitate the purchase of a mansion that was formerly the headquarters of the Communist Party of Canada. That’s a pretty interesting purchase on numerous levels.

Many BLM activists decried the purchase once it was publicized, as there was no input from activists or officials within the organization beforehand. Instead, it appears that money was transferred just to benefit Khan by purchasing the mansion.

The size of the purchase is nearly double what Khan-Cullors paid for her homes in the United States, coming in at $6.3 million. And you can imagine that many supporters of BLM would be livid if they found out that their money isn’t going to what they think it is going to, but is rather being used to facilitate real estate purchases that benefit top BLM leaders.

The fact that it was a former Communist Party building that was purchased underscores too the Marxist leanings of BLM. And it should make anyone who is on the fence about BLM understand that supporting the organization is about supporting organized Marxism, not an actual organization that cares about social justice or the welfare of people.

Khan-Cullors and her cronies think they’re untouchable, but they’re not. And their downfall could be the result of dissatisfaction within their own ranks now that their financial dealings are becoming public. That’s all the more reason to share far and wide the sordid details of their real estate transactions, and make it clear that BLM fundraising is more about lining the pockets of its leaders than in effecting social change.

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