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Chicago Police Murder Symptomatic of Problems Facing the Country

by Richard A Reagan

A young Chicago policeman, Areanah Preston, was recently murdered as she returned home in the early morning after her shift was over. Her four attackers ranged in age from 16 to 19 and were in a stolen car looking for people to rob. They opened fire on her and she returned fire but was shot and killed and her service weapon was taken.

Her Apple Watch apparently thought she had been in a car crash, triggering a police response about 20 minutes later. That was too late to save her, and she passed away after being rushed to the hospital.

Preston’s attackers, despite their young ages, had lengthy criminal records. They were first arrested at 13 or 14 and had been charged with crimes such as carjacking and armed robbery. Yet every single one of them only received probation or supervision and continued to commit crimes when out on probation.

Now a police officer is dead because these teenagers felt they could operate with impunity. If all you’re ever given is a slap on the wrist when you do wrong, your behavior will eventually escalate. And under Chicago state’s attorney Kim Foxx, who like many Soros-linked prosecutors around the country declined to prosecute many serious crimes, crime has shot up in recent years.

It’s a phenomenon which is spreading across the country, too. In Fairfax County, VA recently a policeman was attacked in broad daylight at a gas station by a criminal who managed to get hold of his gun. Thankfully responding officers were able to kill the criminal (WARNING: Link contains footage of a fatal police shooting. Viewer discretion advised.)  and save the officer’s life. But it’s an indicator of growing societal breakdown that criminals now feel emboldened to attack uniformed police officers with impunity. If criminals feel like they can attack cops, what happens to the rest of us?

Fairfax County is home to Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano, another Soros-funded prosecutor who has taken a soft on crime approach. In fact, Descano’s office recently spent nearly 7 months investigating another officer-involved shooting before deciding not to press charges against the officer, in a case which was clearly a justified shooting.

We’re in a clown world now, where the good guys get put through the wringer while criminals get caught and immediately released to victimize even more innocent people. At some point people are going to get fed up and take action. If these Soros-backed prosecutors aren’t punished by being voted out of office, eventually people are going to start taking matters into their own hands.

Maybe that’s what these prosecutors want, to see everything burn. But we can’t let that happen. No one wants to see our streets devolve into conflicts between roving gangs of criminals and vigilantes. That’s a recipe for disaster. 

We need to start getting the word out to people on the fence, or people who don’t vote, so that we can start holding lax prosecutors accountable for their actions in helping crime skyrocket. Continued apathy in the face of rising crime will only ensure that this problem continues to fester.


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