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Chinese Immigrant, Spectator Editor Melissa Chen Tells How Communist China Infiltrates America

by Margaret Marie

In an extensive podcast interview on The Joe Rogan Experience recorded February 12, Melissa Chen, New York Editor for Spectator USA, revealed why she feels the United States is in a Cold War with China, how the Communist Party has a choke hold on her homeland’s economy, and why she feels China has not been a fair trading partner to the US while infiltrating American culture with communist sympathizers.

The discussion was very compelling because Chen gave a refreshingly balanced and fair assessment of US-Chinese relations and explained the Chinese government’s long-lasting love affair with tyranny. Joe Rogan, known for being a “non-PC” liberal, asked Chen if Chinese society would move past its oppressive form of government (communism) since the government welcomed free market reforms.

She explained how “that was the theory” but that “there is a fundamental difference between the China dream and the American dream.” Chen feels that as long as China’s society and government has a “top down” communist approach where the government decides how citizens should act and live their lives “for the sake of China,” then the citizens will be unable to know the “pursuit of happiness” system of freedom that America has.

Chen talked about Hong Kong’s struggle with the Chinese government and how China has perfected this totalitarian system through years of experience oppressing Chinese society. For instance, she warned of the new Chinese mobile company Huawei that receives government subsidies and how Chinese consumers are giving away all of their personal data and information directly to the government through the use of these phones. Furthermore, Chen feels that Huawei presents unfair competition to the global mobile economy.

She explained how this centralized market economy has allowed the government to amass greater global influence to the point where it has gotten away with years of intellectual property theft, influencing American academia, and even infiltrating American sports franchises.

I highly recommend watching Chen’s interview for a fuller picture of how China’s Communist dictatorship is quietly amassing global power while oppressing its own people in what Chen calls its attempt at winning the “long game.”

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