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Comer’s Statement Reveals Insights Into The Biden-Burisma Link

by Richard A Reagan

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has unveiled details from one of the most controversial chapters associated with the Biden family.

Comer’s significant statement, derived from Devon Archer’s four-hour testimony to Congress, has rekindled demands for increased transparency from the Biden Administration.

Biden: More Than Just a Passive Observer?

At the heart of Comer’s statement lies a damning revelation: contrary to what the American public has been led to believe, Joe Biden was not oblivious to his son’s business activities.

Archer’s testimony, reflected in Comer’s words, paints a scenario where the then-Vice President ironically became the very brand his son capitalized on, more actively than was previously acknowledged.

Elaborating on this, Comer commented, “Devon Archer’s testimony today confirms that Joe Biden misled the American people by claiming he was unaware of and uninvolved in his son’s business dealings.”

Such involvement was consistent. Whether attending dinners with foreign business associates or being on speakerphone during crucial meetings, Biden’s involvement was frequent.

The Biden-Burisma Link

A primary focus of Comer’s statement was the significance Hunter Biden brought to Burisma’s board—the Biden ‘brand’. Archer firmly noted that without the Biden connection, Burisma might have foundered given its challenges.

This insight indicates that the Biden name was not only influential but also served as a protective barrier against external adversities.

Comer highlighted a specific incident after a board meeting call from Dubai. Facing scrutiny from a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating corruption, Burisma’s executives reportedly approached Hunter with a plea to ‘contact D.C.’

Archer’s accounts from December 2015 described how Mykola Zlochevsky and Vadym Pozharski, pivotal figures at Burisma, heavily relied on Hunter Biden. Their objective? To seek D.C. assistance regarding Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor then investigating Burisma for corruption.

This assistance took a controversial turn when Joe Biden, then Vice President, traveled to Ukraine. Shortly after the mentioned call, Biden began pressing Ukraine’s leaders to oust Shokin. [Source]

An astonishing $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees was used as leverage for this dismissal. While Biden’s defenders argue that this decision targeted Shokin’s perceived corruption and aligned with the Obama administration’s policies, Shokin has consistently opposed this view, claiming his firing was retribution for his Burisma investigation.

A Call for Transparency

Comer’s statement poses many questions to President Biden. Why did Joe Biden withhold information about his participation in his son’s business affairs? What else is concealed from the public eye?

With Archer pointing out references to Biden as “my guy” by Hunter, and the multiple instances the then-Vice President was involved supposedly to “promote the brand,” the demand for clarity intensifies.

Archer’s testimony also spotlighted specific events that are concerning. These range from Biden’s dialogues with Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR, to his rendezvous with Russian oligarch Elena Baturina at Cafe Milano in Washington, D.C. Comer’s statement highlights potential conflicts of interest and the intersection of official responsibilities with personal connections.

James Comer’s message is not just political rhetoric; it’s a plea for increased examination. The onus now lies with the Biden administration. Will they confront these disclosures directly, or will there be further evasions?

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