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Could You Believe that Biden Would Do This?

by Anthony Buckley

In yet another spiteful move against those who see no need to take the unnecessary COVID vaccine, the Biden administration has announced that it will no longer provide VA healthcare services to veterans who have not received at least one shot of the COVID vaccine. It’s a policy that has no rhyme or reason to it, but is merely intended to punish those who refuse to bend the knee to the government.

Well, no, it isn’t actually happening. The linked article comes from a website that claims to engage in satire. But we live in such an upside down world that many people reading it would believe it, and it probably won’t be too long before this becomes reality.

It wouldn’t be the first time the government has screwed over veterans either. From the Revolutionary War onward, the federal government has consistently promised its veterans benefit after benefit, only to deny them those benefits when they really need them. You would think that at some point people would wake up and realize that veterans’ benefits aren’t guaranteed, and that they’re likely going to get screwed by the government. But the draw is too strong, and many veterans play the odds, assuming that they’ll be the lucky ones to get the benefits they’re promised.

Many could find out the hard way that what the government gives, it can just as easily take away. And since veterans dependent on VA care are very often among the worst off, such a policy would be particularly harmful to our most vulnerable veterans. And that could be just why Biden might try to introduce such a policy.

Just think about the reasoning behind it. Has the VA ever refused to treat patients who didn’t take a flu vaccine? Has it ever refused to treat veterans who arrive to the hospital visibly ill? Has it ever refused to treat veterans who abuse drugs or alcohol, or who engage in promiscuous behavior?

The answer to all of those of course is no. Medical professionals have long understood that refusing healthcare to those who need it is unethical. But COVID has thrown all those concerns to the wind. The Biden administration doesn’t care about ethics, morality, or anything other than its own power. And those who refuse to bow down before the administration are going to feel its wrath.

Biden and his administration have one goal, to eliminate any threat to their power and to exterminate anyone who opposes them. They are trying to take away our ability to feed our families through workplace vaccine mandates. Eventually they will try to deny us healthcare, the ability to buy food, and will try to drive us out of society. And unless enough Americans stand up now, Biden and his cronies may very well succeed.

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