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Cover-Up Allegations Surface as China Faces Mysterious Pneumonia Wave

by Richard A Reagan

Chinese officials are reportedly enforcing a stringent cover-up of a mysterious pneumonia outbreak, instructing medical professionals and media to downplay the illness and avoid using the term ‘COVID-19’. [Source]

An insider, closely connected to China’s top leadership, revealed to The Epoch Times that a “secret directive,” allegedly from Chinese leader Xi Jinping, has been issued. This directive mandates officials to refer to the outbreak as either a mycoplasma pneumonia infection or influenza, while restricting comprehensive reporting on the matter. “Domestic media are also prohibited from making any comprehensive reports on this outbreak that is just like pretending this never happened,” the insider disclosed.

The surge in pneumonia cases with “unusual symptoms” has led to reintroducing face masks and social distancing in several parts of China. Hospitals, particularly in northern regions, are swamped with sick children, evoking fears of a new pandemic.

Despite the growing alarm and the influx of patients with “undiagnosed pneumonia,” Beijing continues to inform the World Health Organization that the spike in flu-like symptoms is due to “multiple known pathogens.”

Adding to the complexity of the situation is the recent death of nine renowned Chinese scholars, including two academicians, between November 16th and 23rd. While their deaths remain officially unattributed to the outbreak, the coincidence raises eyebrows, especially since China has abandoned the practice of specifying causes of death in obituaries.

Among the deceased is Cao Chunxiao, a prominent titanium alloy expert, and Wang Mingxiu, a leading tree geneticist. Their obituaries, devoid of cause-of-death details, contribute to the speculation of a cover-up.

The situation has prompted international attention. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is “in touch with local health authorities,” with spokesperson Jasmine Reed stating, “Initial reports indicate that there have been simultaneous increases in a number of known respiratory illnesses, resulting in a spike in hospitalizations.”

A notable aspect of the current outbreak is the presentation of ‘white lung syndrome’ in lung scans of affected children, indicating severe respiratory illness. This symptom is not typically associated with mycoplasma pneumonia, leading some Beijing doctors to suspect COVID-19 as the real culprit.

Sean Lin, a U.S.-based virologist, expressed skepticism about the official narrative to The Epoch Times. “COVID has never really disappeared in China,” he said. “However, the Chinese communist authorities dare not mention it again and use ‘influenza A’ or ‘mycoplasma pneumonia’ to camouflage the new waves of COVID-19.”

China enters its first full winter season post the lifting of strict COVID restrictions last December. This latest health crisis may be a sign of a repeat of the initial COVID-19 pandemic’s confusion and global disruption.

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