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Democratic Hypocrisy on Durham Special Counsel Appointment

by Robert Wayne

Attorney General Bill Barr has been a disappointment in some ways, not least of which in his statements about the Presidential election, in which he stated that there isn’t any evidence of widespread fraud. But his appointment of US Attorney John Durham as a Special Counsel is shaking up Washington, as it threatens top officials, possibly even Joe Biden himself.

It’s about time that Democratic officials are facing the music in relation to their conduct during the Russia probe that sought to tie President Trump’s victory to Russian influence. Special Counsel Robert Mueller found nothing untoward in President Trump’s campaign, although many of Mueller’s staff undoubtedly would have loved to prosecute Trump and his staff regardless. And despite all of President Trump’s rhetoric, he never moved to shut down Mueller’s probe, something that was well within his power.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, however, Democrats are crying foul. And they’re trying to call for Biden to dismiss Durham next year. Congressman Adam Schiff, for instance, who once called for legislation to protect Mueller from being dismissed by Trump, is now calling for Biden to dismiss Durham. But as Sally Yates, Biden’s likely nominee for Attorney General, is one of Durham’s possible targets, she would have no choice but to recuse herself, complicating things for Biden.

Durham has already achieved one criminal conviction, more than Mueller was able to achieve. And there’s every possibility that he could do more than that if he’s allowed to proceed. If Biden heeds the calls to dismiss Durham, he would be doing worse than Trump ever did.

The Democratic hypocrisy on this is clear for everyone to see. But don’t expect to hear a peep in the mainstream media. To them, the Mueller probe was virtuous, while the probe of the probe is a political witch hunt. It’s infuriating, as any disinterested observer can see that the Democrats are hypocrites. Now we just have to see whether they’re willing to follow up their words with action, or whether Durham will be allowed to do his job and follow the leads to put criminals in prison.

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