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Democratic Rhetoric Is Going to Result in Violence

by Anthony Buckley

When Kyle Rittenhouse was first charged with crimes, the reaction from everyone who had actually seen the videos of his encounters in Kenosha was disbelief. His case was about as clear-cut a case of self defense as there ever could be. But that didn’t dissuade prosecutors who were looking for a sacrificial victim. Nor did it dissuade Democratic politicians, including Joe Biden, who although ignorant of what transpired in Kenosha nonetheless denounced Rittenhouse as a white supremacist murderer.

Many on the left continued in their ignorance over the past few weeks of Rittenhouse’s trial, and as a result there was collective outrage on the left that Rittenhouse was acquitted. The fact that the jury took several days to acquit him was remarkable, as it should have been an open and shut acquittal. But what was even more remarkable was the reaction from the left.

Ignorance of Rittenhouse’s actions abounds, as many on the left continue to believe that the attackers Rittenhouse shot were black (they were white). That’s how well the mainstream media spun the events in Kenosha as a race-oriented shooting, rather than a clear case of a well-meaning boy getting attacked by violent criminals.

All across social media, leftists are beside themselves with fury. They’ve been thoroughly brainwashed by the mainstream media, and they see the Rittenhouse acquittal as a major injustice, rather than the obviously just result. They want revenge and they want to hit back in any way they can, so you know that the next person to end up in Rittenhouse’s shoes is going to face even more persecution.

But even worse, the inflammatory rhetoric from the left has incited many people to justify further acts of violence in the name of “getting back” at some mysterious bogeyman of white privilege. It may very well have inspired the man who drove through a Christmas parade last week in Waukesha. And the more people buy into the idea that Critical Race Theory is true, that white privilege exists, and that the US justice system is a tool of white supremacy, the more violence we’re going to see.

The left has spun a narrative that incites people to violence, encouraging them in the belief that their anger and violence is righteous in the face of injustice, when it’s really just garden variety thuggery to advance the cause of communism. We obviously can’t tolerate the continued propagation of this narrative, although it may be too late. And if it is, we may very well have to come to the realization that we can’t reason with these people, and that if they want to fight with fire, we’ll have to fight right back.

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