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Facebook Using Chinese Nationals to Censor Content

by Anthony Buckley

If you want to be an expert at anything, it helps to learn from the best in your field. If you want to be a top chef, you’ll want to attend a world-class culinary school. If you want to become a concert pianist, you’ll get a big boost by attending Juilliard. And if you want to set up a system of authoritarianism that roots out wrongthink, you’ll want to learn from the Chinese.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that Facebook has hired Chinese nationals to help implement its censorship program. According to Facebook whistleblowers, Facebook has hired several Chinese experts to help develop and implement its program to crack down on “hate speech.” Remember that hate speech in the eyes of Facebook, Twitter, and other Big Tech firms is any speech that doesn’t accord with leftist orthodoxy. That’s why Big Tech is going all out to ban conservatives under the pretext of combating hate speech.

The Chinese nationals at Facebook were hired under H-1B visas, the type of visa extended to foreign workers in specialty occupations. And these Chinese engineers are created a censorship program at Facebook that isn’t unlike that of their home country.

It’s important to remember that Facebook, Twitter, and other Big Tech firms don’t always ban content. The outright bans on publication of certain stories, such as Hunter Biden’s laptop, are relatively rare. What social media firms do is manipulate their algorithms so that certain content never gets seen by users.

The point of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram news feeds is supposedly to provide users with stories that they’re interested in. But what these companies do is manipulate the algorithms so that stories that push leftist ideas are ranked higher and are more likely to show up in your news feed, while stories that are conservative are ranked lower and are less likely to show up in your news feed. So the conservative content you post isn’t being “censored” in the traditional sense of being banned, it’s just not showing up on other people’s news feeds, or is so low ranked that only someone scrolling for hours would ever see it.

You may have noticed this on social media, especially during certain months. In June, for instance, you may have noticed social media sites pushing LGBT propaganda into your news feeds. Or later in the summer you may have noticed more BLM posts in your news feed. If all you did on Instagram was look up pictures of guns, you still wouldn’t see gun pictures showing up in your feed, because parent company Facebook has deemed guns to be bad. That’s how Big Tech is trying to force the narrative on us.

It’s time for conservatives to realize that social media isn’t our friend. Social media firms are trying to remake our society in a leftist image, and they’re playing on conservatives’ support of “free markets” to co-opt our opposition. But Big Tech has used intellectual property laws to its advantage, pushing out competition and allying itself with the Deep State to ensure that its actions will go unpunished. It’s the exact opposite of how free markets are supposed to operate, with the companies that best serve customers thriving while those who punish their users go the way of the dodo. If we don’t stand up to Big Tech now and start building alternatives to leftist censorship, in a few years it may be too late to build up any alternatives to leftist orthodoxy.

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