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FBI Investigating Groups That Helped Afghan Refugees Escape

by Robert Wayne

Amidst the debacle that was the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, there were some rays of hope. While the US government looked completely inept and incompetent while trying to evacuate its citizens and allies from Afghanistan, private groups stood up to do what the government couldn’t.

Many of these groups were made up of former special forces operators who got together to ensure that friends and former colleagues still in Afghanistan were able to get out of the country safely. They were highly effective in what they did, launching targeted raids into the country to extract people. And like any good deed, it won’t go unpunished.

The FBI is looking into whether any of these groups that went into Afghanistan after it fell complied with federal laws relating to bribes, flight manifests, etc. At a time when the US government couldn’t find its way out of a paper bag, these veterans were doing everything they could to save lives, and making the government look bad in the process. And that’s probably why they’re facing scrutiny.

Yes, there may be some groups trying to raise funds off these other groups’ actions, and perhaps there were a few bad actors. But there are many, many other real issues the FBI could be focusing on rather than going after veterans groups that were trying to save people. It’s yet another indicator that the FBI has become nothing more than a political secret police, defending the government and the leftist functionaries who staff it and persecuting those who dare to go against the grain.

We have to hope that no innocents get caught up in the FBI’s most recent witch hunt, as prosecuting those trying to help others will only dissuade future efforts to save people abroad. But it’s also a reminder that no matter how much good you do or think you’re doing, the federal government will always be watching you and looking to see if you slip up, even accidentally, so that it can put the screws to you. Always make sure your Is are dotted and your Ts are crossed, because you never know when it will be your turn to come under the FBI’s microscope.

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