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Finance News Updates From Around the Globe

by Jeremy Holcombe

In case you have missed what is going on in the world of finance from around the globe we have gone ahead and put in some updates below. There is all sorts of financial news breaking from around the globe, so take a minute to peek at what is going on around the world and make sure you are current with all the financial situations taking place around the world.

Finance News Updates From Around the Globe

*This list is courtesy of HeraldSun.com

Australia: the Australian dollar was trading at 89.62 US cents, down from 90.38 cents on Tuesday.

Brussels: Eurozone industrial output rebounded sharply in November, offering some reassurance that a modest recovery remains on track after heavy falls in October, official data showed on Tuesday.

Paris: The unemployment rate across rich countries dipped by one-tenth of a percentage point to 7.8 per cent in November last year, the OECD says.

Washington: US retail sales rose slightly in December over America’s crucial holiday shopping season, beating what had been gloomy expectations, government data shows.

Athens: Greece will meet its target of a primary budget surplus exceeding 800 million euros ($A1.2 billion) in 2013, the deputy finance minister says.

Madrid: Spanish banks’ debt to the European Central Bank (ECB) plunged further in December, data show, a sign of healthier credit conditions for the bailed-out sector.

Instanbul: The Turkish currency has slipped to a record low against the euro, hitting the psychologically key level of three lira to the euro as the country remains embroiled in a deep political crisis.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong has retained the title of the world’s freest economy for the twentieth year in a row, with rival Singapore closing the gap.

New York: JPMorgan Chase, the biggest US bank by assets, says it returned to a profit in the fourth quarter.

New York: US banking giant Wells Fargo has reported a 10.5 per cent rise in earnings as improving credit quality and growth in overall loans offset lower mortgage revenues

Sources: Herald Sun | Yahoo Finance

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