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If You Thought COVID Wasn’t an Excuse for Tyranny, Think Again

by Anthony Buckley

There’s a reason so many people are skeptical about how dangerous COVID-19 is. Aside from the fact that it just isn’t a serious disease for most people, there’s the fact that even the government’s own statistics are confirming what we all knew, that COVID is mostly deadly only to those with existing health conditions. The US CDC recently published data showing that 94% of coronavirus deaths happened to people with other serious conditions such as the flu, pneumonia, heart disease, morbid obesity, etc. But while the facts about coronavirus are out there for everyone to see, governments continue to ignore them in their quest to impose a health-based tyranny on us.

If there’s one thing that politicians are loath to do, it’s to apologize or admit that they were wrong. No matter how many mistakes they make, they’ll always claim that they did the right thing, and they’ll always double down on their mistakes rather than change failed policies. That’s why we’ll probably be wearing masks well past November.

More than being wrong, politicians hate being told that they’re wrong. Witness the case of Zoe Buhler in Australia, who was arrested by police for making a Facebook post urging others to attend an anti-lockdown protest. Victoria province, home to Melbourne, Australia’s cultural capital, has one of the strictest lockdowns in the world, and police there have enforced the lockdown with glee.

There are reports of police choking people seen without masks, and despite popular resistance to the lockdown policies, there’s not much people can do to oppose them. Nor can they resist the mandatory COVID vaccination that Australia’s Prime Minister has stated is coming. After all, Australians were forced to turn in their guns decades ago.

Let that be a lesson to us, that if we fail to protect the Second Amendment, we’ll lose our First Amendment freedoms as well. We’re seeing around the world the steps governments want to take in order to “protect” us from the non-problem that is COVID. It’s up to us to keep up pressure on politicians here and prevent similar abuses from occurring under the guise of protecting public health.

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