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Is Facebook Punishing Christians?

by Richard A Reagan

Christians aren’t exactly strangers to persecution. After all, this goes back more than 2000 yrs. Just like now, Christianity was seen as a threat to the establishment.  And as we know, the establishment these days leans left.

For years, liberals have been telling conservatives that there’s no war on Christians. The problem is, the facts don’t bear that out. For anyone who’s been paying attention over the past five to ten years, it’s become painfully obvious that the government and society at large are becoming increasingly hostile to Christians.

But this didn’t happen overnight. 

In May 2016, Marie Eberstadt wrote an opinion piece published in Time Magazine back entitled, “Regular Christians Are No Longer Welcome In American Culture. 

Fast forward seven years and it’s hard to imagine a left-leaning media source like Time even publishing such an article.

In recent years, the left has been more emboldened to suppress christianity and persecute Christians.  

The fact that fewer Americans are identifying as believers doesn’t help, either.  According to Eberstadt, “the percentage who say they are “absolutely certain” God exists fell to 63% from 71% during the same time period”.

For many Christians in the US, and even around the world, these are indeed fearful times.

We’ve seen everything from a high school football coach fired for kneeling on the sidelines to an increasing number of attacks on Christian churches and pro-life institutions to outright persecution of church clergy during covid.

We all know about Trudeau’s extreme campaign to shut down churches and arrest priests and pastors who tried to re-open places of worship during the Covid lockdowns across Canada.

And if all of this wasn’t bad enough, the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook, has now declared war on Facebook by censoring Christian content.

In fact, any content that mentions Jesus can be labeled “fake content.” Even worse, such hate speech can be deemed “hate speech” if they decide that it is.

This is precisely what happened when Blaze journalist Billy Hallowell posted an innocuous Easter message on his Facebook page, “Jesus died so you could live.”When Hallowell protested Facebook’s decision and tried to find out why they’d removed his post, he was told that it violated their guidelines on hate speech.

But Facebook didn’t stop there. 

The message came with an eerie warning that if he posted that type of content again, his account could be “restricted or disabled”.

If this isn’t an attack on Christians, then what is? 

All of this, of course, goes against the idea of freedom of religion, which is one of the core principles this country was founded upon.

And we have to wonder if Facebook would see fit to do this to anyone else who was expressing their faith on their Facebook page.

But given the Biden administration’s attempt to turn patriotic Christians into “white supremacists,” this shouldn’t be at all surprising.

And if you’re still not convinced by all of this, just take a second to do a quick Google search for “Christians” and “white supremacy” and see what comes up.

It’s article after article from mainstream publications trying to link Christians to white supremacy and droning on about how “American Christianity Has a White Supremacy Problem or this one from Time, “Time to Stop Giving Christianity a Pass on White Supremacy.” 

Given the onslaught of anti-Christian propaganda from the White House and the media, is it any surprise that we’re beginning to see this catch on in the wider culture?

After all, Christians are on the front lines when it comes to challenging the designs of authoritarian globalists because they bow to a God that is not the state.

As the government and its tech and media allies continue to try to purge those not on board with their globalist agenda, we’re likely to see even more centralized control of the monetary system. With this in mind,it might be a good idea to invest in a financial resource, like gold, that’s harder for the government to regulate.

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