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Oliver Stone Calls Obama a “Jellyfish,” Criticizes White House on National Security Abuses

by Jeremy Holcombe

Controversial Hollywood filmmaker Oliver Stone, often associated with Left-wing causes and conspiracy theories, criticized the national security and civil rights abuses of the Obama administration before a Libertarian audience this past weekend, referring to President Barack Obama as a “weak man” and a “jellyfish.”

The event, entitled “Imperial Overreach and the National Security State,” took place at the International Students for Liberty conference in Washington, DC. The panel featured Stone and American University history professor Peter Kuznick, along with Jeremy Scahill, the national security correspondent for Progressive publication The Nation.

“Something happened because none of the things he promised… transparency, a government that would reconsider the war on terror and these programs… none of that happened, none of it… The man stunned us with a lack of spine.”

Stone also criticized both major political parties. “There are not two parties [Republican and Democrats]… there is only the ‘war party,’ and those who oppose it.”

Scahill added, “Democrats have checked their conscience at the door of the Obama presidency.”

Stone and Kuznick appeared to promote their book, The Untold History of the United States, and its associated documentary. The book claims to chronicle the “fall” of the “American Empire.” It is available in a “Young Readers” edition.

Stone is the director of such films as Born on the Fourth of July, JFK, and Nixon. He has been criticized by conservative pundits in the last few years for his vocal support of now-deceased Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.

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