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Personal Transformation and Achieving What You Want

by Eric Lumpkins

Do you take action every single day towards your goals? The hardest part in achieving your long-term goals and lasting personal transformation is always remaining fully committed.

Why do people not achieve their health and fitness goals? Because they fail to maintain their commitment to change. Why do people not start the business they say they want to start? Because they fail to remain committed to the vision they wanted to create. Why do people fail to achieve the life of their dreams? Because they fail to remain committed to the level of work needed to be done every single day and instead allow stagnation, mediocrity, and comfort to hold them back.

The Key to Success

Success does not just “happen,” it is deliberately created. Great accomplishments and great growth – personal, financial, health, etc. – is created through your actions. And it isn’t created in one instance. Success doesn’t take place in one decisive move. Success is created in your daily habits and actions. It’s something that’s built, day by day, 1% improvement after 1% improvement after 1% improvement. It’s a lifelong commitment to achieving your dreams, to being the person you want to be, and to making the most of every single day.

So if you were to boil it down, success is a daily commitment to a quiet set of tasks and habits. What is it that you need to be doing every single day in order to create the life and become the person you want?

The Identity You Live By

Often times the identity that we’ve “been assigned” will place a ceiling on the success that you allow yourself to achieve. If you believe that you are inherently a certain way or are destined to be a certain way, then you’ll never allow yourself to achieve what you truly want.

Break free from this tendency to stick to a certain identity. You don’t have to remain a certain way simply because you’ve been that way your entire life. You can choose to be different. Choose something authentic to you.

Hold yourself in the manner that you want. Express yourself how you want. Live in the direction of your choosing. In a world where life is so short and fragile, why hold back? Why not allow yourself to live and feel fully, and to create and experience the you and the life that you want so badly? The potential for accomplishment that each and every one of us has is far higher than any of us can fathom, so please, for the love of your humanity, take a chance on personal freedom.

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