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Rittenhouse Acquittal Is a Victory for Self Defense and Common Sense

by Anthony Buckley

The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, WI is a victory for common sense and the right to self defense. No one who watched the videos of his numerous encounters with rioters could have justifiably accused him of being an aggressor. And no one who watched videos of his attackers could have justifiably argued that they were acting in self defense.

Unfortunately, however, we live in bizarro world, where the left believes that instigating violence is justified and righteous, and that defending yourself against that violence is actually aggression. It’s that type of topsy-turvy thinking that resulted in Rittenhouse facing charges from leftist prosecutors who were out for his scalp.

In that the prosecution was aided and abetted by the leftist media, who deliberately failed to report on facts of the case in order to make it appear that Rittenhouse was some sort of crazed right-wing nutjob who went to Kenosha to kill people.

The media failed to report that Kyle’s father and grandparents lived in Kenosha. They failed to report that the people Kyle shot had threatened earlier in the day to kill people. They failed to report that the people Kyle shot were themselves convicted criminals. They failed to report that Kyle was attacked multiple times, knocked to the ground, and subjected to deadly force.

Only if you had actually looked for that information would you have found it, which is why so many on the right understood what our leftist fellow Americans didn’t: Kyle Rittenhouse was a victim of left-wing aggression and acted with incredible restraint and only proportional to the threats made against him.

We’ll see what results from this, whether Kenosha will erupt in more riots and protesting, and whether mainstream media outlets actually report the truth about Kyle going forward. But we can all breathe a sigh of relief that in a trial that was an obvious political persecution attempting to railroad an innocent kid, truth prevailed. That gives the rest of us hope that if we’re ever placed in a similar situation, targeted by evil prosecutors, we too may prevail.

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