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Speak the Truth and You Risk Getting Canceled

by Robert Wayne

If you ever wondered why more people don’t speak out about the continued collapse of American society, it’s because of what happens to people like Sam Johnson. Sam Johnson was the CEO of VisuWell, a medical technology company. A video posted to Twitter of him taking issue with a group of loud, obnoxious teenagers, including one young man wearing a dress, earned him the ire of Twitter’s loud, obnoxious hordes of cancelers. They went on a mission to get him fired, and unfortunately they succeeded.

Johnson was fired from his position as CEO of VisuWell and he and his family faced death threats. You can watch the video for yourself, and see that the mainstream media’s characterization of it as him “harassing” an LGBT youth is completely off base. If anything, it’s the teenagers harassing him, cursing at him repeatedly.

According to Johnson’s account, he attempted to get the teenagers to calm down, especially since children were around. Unfortunately, we live in an age in which we’re supposed to tolerate every sort of disgusting, indecent, inappropriate behavior in public. Dare to say a word against someone acting rude or crude and you’ll get an earful from the intolerant enforcers of tolerance.

For daring to confront these teenagers, Johnson lost his job. To read his company’s statement, you would think that he got in these kids’ faces and berated them endlessly, leaving them crying. Yet the video shows him as the model of composure, while the spoiled brats hurled abuse after abuse with no one daring to tell them to behave themselves.

This is the society in which we find ourselves today, in which we are forced to give in to the forces of degeneracy, lest we lose our livelihoods. Thankfully it looks like Johnson may land on his feet and benefit from this event. But thousands of other people in that situation wouldn’t be so lucky. Losing their jobs would impose real hardships on them and their families.

The left-wing mobs don’t care about that at all, of course, they only care about validating their own perversion and punishing anyone who dares to tell them no. Their vitriol, combined with the weakness of corporate America, is allowing the left to win. It’s time for conservatives to stop tolerating this aggression, put their feet down, and get more vocal about defending what we stand for. The left-wing mob can cancel one person, but they can’t cancel millions.

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