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Sussmann Not Guilty Verdict a Blow to Durham… And to Justice

by Anthony Buckley

In a blow to the work of special counsel John Durham’s work to root out corruption, Michael Sussman, a lawyer at the heart of what eventually became the Russian probe was found not guilty of lying to the FBI. It’s not only a setback for Durham, it’s also a warning that the justice system in this country is not only not impartial, it’s stacked against conservatives.

There’s plain evidence that Sussmann lied to the FBI. He requested a meeting with the FBI’s General Counsel, claiming that he was coming on his own, not on behalf of his law firm or on behalf of a client. But the reality was that he was coming at the behest of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, one of his clients.

The information he provided to the FBI became crucial in the decision to launch a probe into President Trump’s connections with Russia, the allegations of so-called Russian collusion. And therefore it was critical to deceive the FBI, as information coming from a political campaign would have automatically been suspect.

Sussman even billed the meeting with the FBI’s General Counsel to the Clinton campaign, as well as the thumb drives of data he provided to the FBI at the meeting. Yet despite all that evidence, a jury found Sussmann not guilty.

Perhaps that’s to be expected in a city (Washington, DC) that consistently votes 90% Democratic. But surely the court could have found at least some impartial jurors?

Sadly, the jury included people who were donors to the Clinton campaign, people whose spouses worked for the Clinton campaign, and other leftists who claimed that they could “try” to be impartial. And we saw just how that worked. Prosecutors tried to get some of the jurors removed for their donations to Clinton, but were overruled by the judge.

The most concerning aspect of Sussmann’s trial is how he was afforded opportunities that people like Michael Flynn didn’t get. You can read all the details elsewhere, but the disparity of treatment is both apparent and appalling.

What this verdict underscores is the fact that we have two different tracks in the justice system. If you’re a conservative, or if you do something that falls afoul of the mainstream leftist narrative, you’ll have the book thrown at you. But if you’re a liberal or leftist, you’ll receive every advantage from judges, as well as favorable jurors.

The more this happens, and the more it becomes apparent to Americans that conservatives won’t ever get a fair shake, the less trust conservatives will place on being able to succeed through the ballot box or the jury box. Leftists may think they’re winning now, but if they push conservatives into believing that the cartridge box is their only option, we could be closer to civil war than we realize.

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