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The Left’s Meltdown Over Roe v. Wade

by Robert Wayne

With the news that a decision on overturning Roe v. Wade has been made, leftists in the United States have gone into a state of apoplexy. This is when most people discover just how central abortion is to the leftist worldview. To the left, abortion is a sacrament, and taking it away from them is as inconceivable to them as shutting down churches is to normal people.

The big question in Washington is who leaked the decision and why. Theories abound, with some speculating that it was a leak by conservative clerks looking to keep Justices from changing their votes, while others claim that it was a leak by a liberal clerk looking to put so much public pressure on the Supreme Court that Justices change their votes.

What is clear is that leftists have started to engage in their usual tactics of intimidation. They’ve leaked the supposed home addresses of six Supreme Court Justices and have urged people to protest outside them. They’ve engaged in protests around the country, some of which have become quite violent. And, like all spoiled children, they’ve thrown all sorts of fits now that it’s clear they’re not going to get their way.

It’s amazing that they’re doing this, because overturning Roe doesn’t suddenly ban abortion. Most states don’t have restrictions on abortion in place, and those that do are pretty mild. For most women in this country, their access to abortion isn’t going to be affected in the least. All this does is return power to the states to regulate or ban abortions.

Of course, the leftists in Congress are in a hissy fit too, and there’s been talk of trying to codify Roe into federal law. Democrats are trying to use this as a hot-button issue for the midterm elections, too, hoping to use this to their political advantage. But seeing just how unhinged they are could result in their tactics backfiring on them.

The level of crazy that has been released as a result of Roe’s pending reversal could let normal people in this country finally see just how radical the left really is. While they may think the American people support them, the steps they take from now until the midterms could end up alienating a great many people, and even further enhancing any gains Republicans could already make.

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