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The Response to the Twitter Files Is Telling

by Anthony Buckley

With Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, a lot of the background behind social media censorship is finally coming to light. Musk’s publication of the Twitter files has confirmed what many of us suspected but didn’t have the ability to prove. And what has been the response of the mainstream media and the left? At best crickets, and at worst condemnation of Musk, not of his Twitter predecessors.

Among the revelations Musk made was that the government paid Twitter millions of dollars to censor information from the public, specifically information about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Remember how the laptop story was discredited as a Russian disinformation campaign? Remember how the mainstream media and social media companies colluded to keep the story out of the news? Remember how mainstream news outlets that tried to report on the story had their social media accounts shut down? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

The silencing campaign worked, shutting down vital information that could have impacted the election and harmed President Biden’s chances against President Trump. After all, if you knew for a fact that a candidate’s son was a drug addict who cavorted with prostitutes and was making millions of dollars selling influence to corrupt regimes around the world by giving them access to his father, would you elect that father to be your President?

No, the narrative had to change, and had to fit into the already discredited Russian collusion narrative. Of course, so many leftists still believed that line that it was relatively easy to dupe them about Hunter’s laptop. And so now that the laptop is grudgingly acknowledged to be real, the dominant response from the left and from the mainstream media is “So what?”

That’s the best response we’ll get. The worst responses are those from foreign governments like the German government, which don’t like the fact that they can no longer get Twitter to censor critics. And in a perverse display of hypocrisy they’re accusing Musk now of not supporting free speech. Pot paging kettle!

While Musk may step down as Twitter CEO and let someone else run the organization, he’s already blown the lid off a lot. Will there be more info to spill soon? Let’s hope so, and let’s hope that the backlash against social media companies who colluded with government to censor is swift and fierce.

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