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Trump Pledges ‘Largest Domestic Deportation Operation’ in Iowa Speech

by Richard A Reagan

In an electrifying speech in Dubuque, Iowa, former President Donald Trump laid out his comprehensive plan to tackle illegal immigration. He promised to initiate “the largest domestic deportation operation in American history” if he secured a second term in the Oval Office. [Source]

Touting his previous record, Trump contrasted his administration’s approach to the border with the current state under President Biden, condemning it as a “nation-wrecking catastrophe.” As thousands of Venezuelan migrants continue to surge into Texas, Trump emphasized the pressing need for strong leadership.

According to The Daily Wire, daily encounters at the southern border are nearing a record high. Over three days ending Monday, daily encounters averaged about 9,000. Monday alone saw 9,700 individuals detained or processed for illegal entry through unauthorized zones and official ports.

The magnitude of the situation becomes even more alarming when considering those who evade detection — the “got-aways.” The genuine scale of the border influx likely exceeds known figures, especially given that the highest ever recorded daily crossings exceeded 10,000, a mark set before the revocation of Title 42.

Reaffirming his commitment, Trump pledged to dismantle “every Open Borders policy of the Biden Administration” and, in a nod to former President Eisenhower, committed to following the “Eisenhower Model” of deportation.

But Trump’s comprehensive plan doesn’t stop there. He clarified his intentions to invoke the Alien Enemies Act to remove gang members, drug dealers, and cartel operatives. He plans on restructuring federal law enforcement resources, incorporating parts of the FBI, DHS, DEA, and ATF into immigration enforcement.

The former President also proposed reallocating troops from overseas deployments to fortify the southern border. He underscored his commitment to counter the opioid crisis by deploying the U.S. Navy to enforce a strict “Fentanyl Blockade.”

Trump reiterated his plans to reinstate and expand his 2017-era “travel ban”, delivering a clear message: “America first.”

In his fight against major cartels, Trump’s proposed strategy is to declare them as foreign terrorist organizations. His call to action for Congress to legislate the death penalty for drug smugglers and human traffickers further underscores his seriousness.

Trump’s concluding remarks were a clarion call to his supporters: “2024 is our final battle.” He promised to dismantle the “deep state,” end illegal immigration, and ensure the nation’s prosperity and security.

The Biden administration has yet to release the figures for daily encounters in August.

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