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US Shoots Down Mystery Objects as Commie China Takes Advantage of Biden

by Richard A Reagan

Two “mysterious” flying “objects” were shot down by the US Air Force at the end of last week – one over Alaska, and another one over Canadian territory, days after the downing of the Chinese spy balloon in what could be a show of force by a Communist China taking advantage of the foreign and security policy weakness displayed by Democrat President Joe Biden.

Biden’s Weakness Projection

The good people of the United States watched in shock in the early days of February as Biden and his administration allowed a vast Chinese espionage airship to float for seven days over the continental United States from the sites of US nuclear bases in the Northwest all the way to the Atlantic Coast.

Biden’s overt lack of leadership and decisiveness in a matter fundamental to the security of the United States has naturally infuriated Republicans and patriotic Americans. After all, the last time the US military was forced to shoot down an enemy aircraft over American soil was in 1942, during the Second World War, and that was a lone Japanese fighter jet over Alaska.

Biden’s decision to allow the Chinese surveillance balloon to “dance” freely over the mainland US invited recollections of the Democrat president’s humiliating, shameful, and utterly needless loss of the 20-year-long war on terror in Afghanistan (even leftist propaganda machine CNN thought so).

In the summer of 2021, the man who got the nickname “Kabul Joe” helplessly watched as the Taliban Islamist terrorists grabbed at no cost whatsoever not only all of Afghanistan but also $85 billion worth of top-notch US-made military equipment – all thanks to his utterly botched withdrawal plan.

It’s worth noting that while Biden was busy losing Afghanistan, squandering American lives, trillions of dollars, and two decades, he was also busy appeasing Vladimir Putin throughout 2021. 

Biden’s appeasement ultimately convinced Putin of America’s weakness, and led him to invade a pro-Western Ukraine in what became the biggest war in Europe since World War II. 

Commie China Is Getting More Impudent 

Communist China, whose dictator Xi Jinping was hyping military provocations in the Indo-Pacific in 2021, was also gearing up to invade and conquer informal US ally Taiwan. 

That scenario would have forced the US to go to war with China. Alternatively, if it failed to defend Taiwan and Beijing grabbed it, that would have shattered the entire US-led order in the Indo-Pacific, threatened or flipped America’s allies, and posed direct risks for the US mainland.

Xi’s Taiwan invasion plans seem to have been thwarted mainly by the Russians’ conspicuous failure to overwhelm quickly the vastly outmanned and outgunned Ukrainians.

Yet, as the Chinese spying balloon episode has shown, the Beijing Commies certainly haven’t been impressed with Joe Biden’s “leadership” – or lack thereof. So much so that they are now targeting with impunity the territory of the continental United States with their surveillance airships.

They haven’t been wrong – Biden reacted to the worst encroachment of US airspace in decades only when the spy balloon caused media hype. In the meantime, Commie China, besides possibly gathering vital intelligence, managed to humiliate America before the eyes of the world for several days.

As a result, Commie China may now be flexing its military and surveillance muscle even further, as indicated by two fresh incidents in which the US Air Force downed “flying objects.” That is likely to be the case even though the new targets haven’t been officially connected to the Chinese.

US Shoots Down Object over Alsaka

Initial reports on Friday said the US military downed an “object” the size of a “small car” after it entered American air space over the territorial waters of Alaska, near the town of Deadhorse.

Those were confirmed by Adm. John Kirby, the spokesman of the National Security Council, who told White House reporters that the object “posed a reasonable threat” to civilian flights.

Kirby emphasized that Biden ordered it to be shot down because of an “abundance of caution” – as the Biden administration may now be waking up to the threat and humiliation that Chinese surveillance flying devices are causing.

The NSC spokesman noted the newly shot-down flying target was “much, much smaller” than the Chinese spy balloon, which was the size of three buses.

Kirby stated the US government didn’t know who owned the unmanned aircraft – a state, a private person, or a corporation.

On Friday afternoon, Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said the US military was already extracting the flying object’s debris. 

Ryder said he wouldn’t reveal “specifics” due to the classified nature of the information but noted the “significant amount of debris” recovered would help the US authorities understand “this balloon” as well as “its surveillance capabilities.” 

He added there was knowledge of the object’s “capabilities, purpose or origin.”

Ryder’s remark revealed the second object was also a “balloon,” even as it was described as “mysterious” in various reports.

US Shoots Down Object over Canada

However, the story didn’t end there. On Saturday, Canada’s lefty Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the US Air Force had shot down another “flying object,” but this time over the Canadian territory of Yukon, which borders Alaska. 

The object was detected on Friday night, and on Saturday, it crossed into Canada. It was intercepted by US and Canadian fighter jets as part of NORAD, the joint North American Aerospace Defense Command. Trudeau said he ordered it to be shot down. He also spoke with Biden, who gave the same order, and an American jet executed it.

Canada’s Defense Minister Anita Anand said the object was shot down at 3:41 pm EST on Saturday, about 100 miles away from the Alaska-Yukon border. The Canadian Armed Forces launched a recovery operation. 

Then on Saturday night, the Federal Aviation Administration announced part of the airspace over Montana was closed due to Defense Department activities.

The closure lasted an hour and was confirmed by NORAD, which said it had detected what was described as “a radar anomaly.” However, the fighter jets that investigated it didn’t fight any flying objects.

GOP Roasts Biden 

While there have been no official comments linking the two newly-shot-down flying apparatuses to Communist China, it is worth pointing out that the spy balloon the US downed the week before went the same path. It floated over Alaska, then descended south over Canada and re-entered US airspace over Idaho. And it, too, penetrated American airspace before getting detected.

Even though details remained unclear, high-profile Republicans declared it was known that Joe Biden’s foreign policy was a failure that “has left America much weaker” than the time before he occupied the White House.

Republican US Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana attacked Biden for his “refusal” to destroy the Chinese spy balloon, stressing this sent Commie China the message that America’s skies were no less “wide open” than its Southern Border.

Republican US Rep. Cory Mills of Florida, a US Army vet, said the US did what it should’ve done the previous time with the Chinese balloon and wondered why the balloon was left to float freely.

Republican US Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska issued a statement praising the new downing. However, he insisted that America “reestablish deterrence” for Chinese leader Xi Jinping and “the Chinese Communist Party.”

“This has to stop,” Sullivan stated regarding the Commies’ belief they could invade American airspace any time “they want.”

The latest cases may show whether the man whose nicknames include “Sleepy Joe” has awakened to the direct Chinese threat to America’s national territory – though it may be too early to tell. Because the awakening so far has been a really slow one. 

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