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Antifa Attackers vs. January 6 Protesters: A Difference in Treatment?

by Richard A Reagan

With all the attention given to the events of January 6th, the Democratic-led special commission that made the events seem worse than the Civil War, World War II, and the Holocaust combined, and the continued attention given to the trials of those who were at the Capitol that day, you could be forgiven for thinking that conservatives are willing to use violence to get their way. After all, that’s the narrative that the media has been pushing constantly for the past two years, and it’s the narrative that federal law enforcement agencies want people to believe

But the little-noticed events that have transpired in Atlanta over the past few months have thrown cold water on that narrative, and have brought anyone who’s paying attention to the realization that it’s the left that is the real danger in this country, particularly Antifa. Over 150 Antifa activists recently took on the Atlanta police, armed with Molotov cocktails and explosives, in a coordinated action to prevent the construction of a new police training facility.

Nearly three dozen Antifa activists were detained, and nearly two dozen have been charged with domestic terrorism. This isn’t the first time violence has erupted there either, as a few months ago an Antifa activist was killed there after opening fire at police.

While some on the left like to claim that Antifa doesn’t actually exist, the presence of so many Antifa activists in one place, including some from overseas, and the coordinated actions they took against police belie those claims. It will be interesting to see now whether these Antifa attackers will be treated the same as January 6th protesters, or if they’ll receive protections the J6 protesters didn’t.

The rally on January 6th was a petition to redress grievances aimed at Congress, a legitimate exercise of 1st Amendment rights. While the breaching of the Capitol was unfortunate, the presence of undercover police urging direct action and the actions of police in opening up barricades and doors make it clear that the breaching was at best a spontaneous action by disgruntled Trump supporters, and at worst an event fomented by agents provocateurs trying to instigate violence.

The events in Atlanta, on the other hand, are a naked attempt to stop government actions that they just don’t like, outside of the political process. And far from being spontaneous, the actions of protesters there are coordinated and have been going on for months. Imagine if the J6 protesters had armed themselves, shut down the roads around the Capitol, and refused to allow anyone to access the Capitol grounds for months. That’s what’s happening in Atlanta.

The railroading of people who entered the Capitol building on January 6th with no ill intent has left a bad taste in the mouths of many conservatives. People who thought that because police were opening doors for them it was okay to enter the Capitol found themselves branded as terrorists and extremists, lost their jobs, and ended up in federal prison. Will the same fate befall the attackers in Atlanta? And were previous Antifa attackers ever subject to the same fate?

What exists today is a perception that conservatives who take on the government get the book thrown at them, while leftists get treated with kid gloves. How many times in 2020 did we hear about local prosecutors releasing Antifa protesters nearly as soon as they were arrested? Yet J6 protesters languished in prisons awaiting their trials.

Even if some of those Antifa protesters were eventually later prosecuted, the disparity of their sentencing for violent acts versus the prison terms J6 protesters received for merely entering the Capitol, sitting in chairs, and being disruptive is readily apparent. And the perception that Antifa attackers are receiving better deals than J6 protesters has resulted in tremendous dissatisfaction among conservatives.

When one half of the country no longer believes that the rule of law applies equally to all, and that the other half of the country can do whatever it wants and get coddled by the legal system, trouble is bound to happen. By now many conservatives realize that truth, facts, and equality before the law don’t exist. We realize that the constitutionality of a law isn’t going to be decided by whether the legislation actually comports with the Constitution but rather whether the judges deciding the question agree with the law or not. And we realize that the outcome of a court case is going to depend on whether a judge agrees with you politically or not.

The idea that we’re already in the first stages of a silent civil war no longer seems so far-fetched as it might have a few years ago. But if one side (the left) is waging the war and the other side (conservatives) doesn’t know the war is even happening, guess who’s going to win?

When even staunch leftists like Naomi Wolf finally wake up and see what’s happening, there’s no excuse for conservatives not to as well. And unless conservatives react to what’s happening with action, the future of our country could be in grave danger.

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