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Biden Administration Secretly Transported 320,000 Illegal Immigrants to US: GOP Demands Answers

by Richard A Reagan

The Biden administration has been found to secretly transport approximately 320,000 migrants directly into the United States. [Source]

This revelation, uncovered through the efforts of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, sheds light on a covert operation that aimed to mitigate the number of crossings at the southern border but has instead raised significant national security “vulnerabilities.”

According to detailed investigations and reports, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) orchestrated flights from foreign airports to at least 43 different American airports from January through December 2023, without disclosing crucial information about this significant logistical maneuver.

This operation not only facilitated the near undetected arrival of individuals with no legal rights to enter the U.S. but also utilized taxpayer money for transportation, adding another layer of controversy.

The administration leveraged the CBP One app, an initiative expanded under President Biden’s tenure, allowing migrants to apply for asylum and temporary humanitarian release directly from their home countries.

This digital application facilitated the transportation of migrants, who are subsequently able to remain in the U.S. for two years under a parole release, without obtaining legal status but with eligibility for work authorization.

The refusal to disclose the locations of these undocumented migrants’ arrivals, citing national security ‘vulnerabilities’, has been met with skepticism and criticism.

CBP lawyers have argued that revealing such details could “undermine CBP’s law enforcement efforts to secure the United States borders” by exposing operational vulnerabilities.

However, this secrecy has fueled Republican lawmakers’ assertions that the southern border remains insecure under the current administration’s policies. [Source]

In response to these clandestine operations, nearly two dozen House Republicans have demanded answers from CBP acting commissioner Troy Miller, seeking transparency on the cities involved, the dates of flights, and the associated costs. Their concerns also extend to the potential for individuals on the terrorist watch list to be among those flown into the U.S. through this federal program.

Critics argue that the administration’s approach is “legally dubious” and call for a reassessment of a program that operates under such secrecy.

The Center for Immigration Studies suggests that if CBP is unwilling to disclose locations due to the fear of “grave” consequences, the program’s continuation is questionable.

As House Republicans press for answers, fears linger that the program could inadvertently facilitate the entry of individuals on the terrorist watch list into the U.S.

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