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Biden Requests Supreme Court Approval to Remove Razor Wire at Texas Border

by Richard A Reagan

President Joe Biden petitioned the Supreme Court Tuesday for permission to remove razor wire at the Texas border. [Source]

This move by the Biden administration intensifies the standoff with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has been a staunch advocate for stringent border controls.

The administration, in a recent filing, argued for the jurisdiction of Border Patrol agents to clear the concertina wire installed by Texas near the Rio Grande. Citing federal law, the Justice Department (DOJ) stated, “Federal law unambiguously grants Border Patrol agents the authority, without a warrant, to access private land within 25 miles of the international border.”

The DOJ argues that the razor wire, spanning a 30-mile stretch near Eagle Pass, Texas, impedes federal agents from accessing critical border areas. The administration stressed the need for agents to make rapid, context-dependent decisions at the border, a capability hindered by physical obstacles like the state-installed razor wire.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott remains firm in his stance against the removal, vowing to continue building border barriers. Abbott, in a tweet, criticized the Biden administration’s approach, stating, “Biden begs SCOTUS to let him cut razor wire TX installed on border. See you in court.” He further asserted, “Americans & courts will reject Biden’s hostility to immigration laws. TX will continue to deploy National Guard to build border barriers & repel illegal immigrants.”

This ongoing conflict stems from Texas suing the federal government last October to prevent border agents from cutting the wire, leading to a temporary block by the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in December. [Source]

Amidst these legal battles, the issue of border security gains prominence on the national stage. House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-Louisiana, has declared border security a top priority for Republicans in Congress. [Source]

Speaking ahead of a congressional delegation trip to Eagle Pass, Johnson highlighted the area’s struggles with illegal border crossings and its central role in federal and state legal disputes.

Johnson, in a letter to President Biden before Christmas, criticized the administration’s handling of the border crisis, citing record numbers of illegal entries and fentanyl seizures. He accused the administration of undermining America’s sovereignty and security through various policies, including ending the Remain in Mexico policy and reinstating catch-and-release.

The administration, however, defends its actions, arguing for an orderly and humane process to allow more people to enter the U.S. Yet, this stance faces strong opposition from Republicans, who demand immediate executive actions to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

The tension at the Texas border and the national debate over immigration policies underscore the need for a stronger border strategy.

We await the Supreme Court’s decision on the razor wire issue. The outcome of congressional actions will be critical in shaping the future of U.S. border security and immigration policy.

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