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Texas Wins Preliminary Legal Battle Over Border Wire Against Biden Administration

by Richard A Reagan

A federal judge has temporarily halted the Biden administration’s efforts to remove razor wire installed by Texas state officials along the Mexico border. This wire was strategically placed to deter unauthorized border crossings. [Source]

U.S. District Court Judge Alia Moses issued the ruling on Monday, prohibiting federal officials, including Border Patrol agents, from disassembling or tampering with the concertina wire near the border town of Eagle Pass. The only exception Moses allowed was to “provide or facilitate emergency medical aid.”

This decision marks a preliminary victory for Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and the state’s legal team in their ongoing legal disputes with the Biden administration over immigration policies.

Texas’ recent lawsuit alleged that Border Patrol agents were “intentionally cutting the state’s razor wire, seemingly to ease the entry of migrants into the country.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pointed to instances where federal agents used heavy machinery, such as forklifts, to remove significant sections of the state’s border barriers, asserting these acts “facilitated mass entry.”

Following Monday’s ruling, Paxton stated, “By acting quickly and monitoring their actions closely, we were able to secure a restraining order, and I am confident we will continue to prevail.”

This temporary restraining order is set to last until November 13, with a hearing scheduled for November 7 to discuss the issue further. [Source]

Administration officials counter the state’s claims, suggesting Border Patrol agents have “cut the wire only in instances where they needed to offer medical help to migrants in distress or to process those who had already entered U.S. territory.” 

While the spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security did not comment directly on the specifics of the ongoing case, they emphasized that Border Patrol agents “have a responsibility under federal law” both to process unauthorized migrants and to act in situations that might endanger migrants or the agents themselves.

The debate over the razor wire represents just a part of the larger disagreements between Gov. Abbott and the federal government. The governor has repeatedly criticized President Biden for allegedly being lax on border security, pointing to record-high numbers of illegal crossings in recent years. Data from fiscal year 2023 indicates that over 2 million apprehensions occurred along the Mexican border, marking the second time such numbers have been recorded.

In response to this perceived influx, Texas has taken several measures, from deploying National Guard units and installing razor wire to arresting migrants on state trespassing charges. They have also transported numerous asylum-seekers to Democratic-led cities without giving prior notice to local authorities.

The temporary restraining order underscores the mounting tension between state and federal perspectives on border security, with many Republicans closely monitoring the developments.

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