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Book That Exotic Dream Cruise — at a Rock Bottom Price — Using Vacations To Go

by Jeremy Holcombe

People dream all the time about going on exotic cruises around the world. Often those dreams end in the realization that these exotic cruises cost way too much money. But that isn’t always true! You can now find amazing cruise deals at rock bottom prices online.

One of America’s largest cruise companies, Vacations to Go, can get you cruise deals that are up to 80% off the original brochure price. How does this work?

According to “How Life Works,” due to the slowdown in travel caused by the recession, and significant overcapacity in the industry, savvy travelers can now book once-in-a-lifetime cruises at insanely low prices.

A Little About Vacations To Go

Founded more than 25 years ago, Vacations To Go set out to build an online service to help people learn everything they need to know to find the best possible cruise vacation at the best possible price.

Vacations To Go is now home to an extensive selection of top-brand cruises, and in-depth information about every cruise line and cruise ship.  Customers can browse the latest promotions and offers, shop by category, and compare prices at a glance.

All-in-all the company looks pretty great, especially considering you will be able to land huge cruise ship deals through them. So how can Vacations To Go offer these types of prices?

How Does it Work?

The biggest cruise ships always have plenty of empty cabins. With the cost of running the ships, these lines want to leave port with as many cabins filled as possible.  This is where Vacations To Go comes in. They sell this “excess” inventory at deep discounts, allowing the cruise companies to still get full fare on the travel packages that they sell directly.

The discounts they authorize Vacations To Go to offer can be as much as 80% off the full price fare.  It is the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime luxury cruise for a price that makes it affordable on any budget. You may even be able to land great deals on cruises like these.

Vacations To Go has also developed a Best Price & Service Guarantee that guarantees they will meet any other authorized price.

You can sign up for their newsletter and get updated on all their best deals. Check out the Vacations To Go website for more information. Happy Travels!

Sources: HowLifeWorks.com | Vacations To Go

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