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California to Expand Healthcare Benefits to Illegal Immigrant Seniors

by Richard A Reagan

It seems like just about all the news coming from California these days is negative. From wildfires to homelessness, poop on the streets to communist-sympathizing district attorneys, there’s so much going wrong with California that it’s hard to believe anyone still wants to live there. Well, hard to believe that productive citizens want to live there, that is. For criminals and welfare recipients, the state is quickly becoming a paradise.

Now the state wants to expand healthcare benefits so that illegal immigrants over the age of 65 can receive free healthcare. The move comes a year after a new law that expanded healthcare coverage for illegal immigrants under the age of 25. The newly expanded healthcare coverage to older illegal immigrants is expected to cost $350 million each year, which means that the actual annual cost will likely be far higher.

With more and more Californians packing up and moving due to the high taxes and high cost of living, and more and more businesses doing the same, who does the California government think will continue paying taxes to support such foolishness? Governor Newsom likes to prattle on about how this is the moral thing to do, how this is the most cost-effective thing to do, etc. Yet he doesn’t think about whether or not it’s moral to keep squeezing taxpayers and productive citizens to provide for free services for illegal immigrants.

To Newsom and others of his ilk, taxpayers are cash cows to be milked at every opportunity. In the short term Newsom can get away with it, as his ambitions are likely on the national stage come 2024. But eventually the state of California will suffer for it, as costs skyrocket and tax revenues plummet. Those who had any sense got out long ago, and many millions more will follow suit in the coming years. Eventually the policies that are being enacted now will leave California but a shell of its former self, a once-beautiful state destroyed by excessive taxation and a generous welfare system.

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