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Climate Change May Be Occurring, But It Isn’t Man-Made

by Richard A Reagan

From massive rainstorms to scorching heat waves, there’s hardly a weather event today that isn’t trumpeted by the media as yet another example of the dangers of man-made climate change. But more and more research is beginning to indicate that, far from being the scourge that many on the left claim it is, man-made climate change doesn’t actually exist.

New research from scientists in Finland has come to the conclusion that man-made increases in carbon dioxide may only have contributed about 10% to the total overall rise in world temperature. According to the researchers, average temperature has increased about 0.1 degrees Celsius over the past century, with only 0.01 degrees Celsius of that attributable to human-created carbon dioxide. That’s a pittance.

The researchers focused their effort on cloud cover, a variable that has been ignored by many mainstream models because scientists don’t fully understand how cloud cover interacts with climate. Their study came to the conclusion that low cloud cover played the dominant role in warming temperatures, with much of that growth in cloud cover coming as the result of an increase in cosmic rays, not carbon dioxide emissions.

That means that man-made climate change basically doesn’t exist. Or in other words, the only way that it is man-made is that it is made up in the minds of ideologues who want to use the supposed threat of climate change to completely rework the world economy.

In fact, that’s just what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff just admitted, that the Green New Deal isn’t really about climate change, it’s about changing the entire structure of the economy. Of course, free market critics of the theory of man-made climate change have been arguing that for years, as it is clear that the purveyors of the man-made climate change theory have an agenda that they are pursuing and are using the threat of climate change to pursue that agenda.

Cap and trade, limits on greenhouse gas emissions, and other such proposals are merely ways for those advocating greater government control over the economy to continue their push for centralized economic planning now that communism has been proven to be such a failure. Outright advocacy of socialism and communism won’t work, so they resort to climate alarmism instead. It’s about time for more people to see through the charade and push back against the fraud that pervades the movement pushing the man-made climate change myth.

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