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Crisis at the Border: Del Rio Sector Exceeds Capacity by 169% as DHS Chief Visits

by Richard A Reagan

The Del Rio sector of the Texas border has reached a staggering 169% of its migrant holding capacity, coinciding with the visit of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. [Source]

Secretary Mayorkas, accompanied by Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens, arrived in Del Rio on Wednesday to receive operational updates and assess the escalating situation firsthand. [Source]

According to internal data obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller News Foundation, the Border Patrol had approximately 20,000 migrants in custody as of Wednesday morning, highlighting the acute pressure on border facilities.

The Del Rio sector, particularly the area of Eagle Pass, Texas, has witnessed a significant uptick in illegal crossings recently, necessitating the temporary suspension of vehicle inspections at a key port. This surge is not isolated to Texas. The Tucson sector in Arizona is grappling with a similar crisis, operating at 175% capacity. Across the nation, migrant holding facilities are at 90% capacity, painting a concerning picture of the border situation.

As a result, the Tucson sector has canceled all training activities, closed a vehicle checkpoint, and paused its social media updates, as per internal communications. This redirection of resources reflects the urgent need to address the influx of migrants. [Source]

In response to the overwhelming numbers, an internal agency memo revealed a request for northern and coastal border agents to assist their southern counterparts. This involves ramping up virtual processing of migrants, an innovative approach to managing the crisis.

The situation is complex, with the Del Rio Sector having arrested at least 21 child sex predators since October 1st. Their convictions range from child rape to aggravated sexual assault, intensifying concerns about border security. [Source]

Secretary Mayorkas’ visit to Uvalde, Texas, for a briefing with Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens is timely, given the escalating border issues.

Meanwhile, political ramifications are evident. The Washington Examiner reports widespread support among Americans, particularly Republicans, for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s efforts to impeach Secretary Mayorkas. Her stance resonates with many who feel that decisive action is necessary to secure the southern border.

Rep. Greene, in a statement shared on her X account, emphasized, “Impeaching Mayorkas isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a popular thing to do!” She highlighted the electorate’s frustration with the lack of accountability in Washington, a sentiment echoed by her supporters.

The unfolding situation at the Texas border remains a focal point for national debate, especially with GOP presidential candidates focusing on border security and immigration policies.

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