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Exactly What is in the Republican Platform? A Peek Beyond the Slogans…

by Jeremy Holcombe

The Republican National Convention is stocked with slogans and catchphrases. The “official platform” goes into detail about what Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” means.

Delegates at the RNC confirmed a party platform that the editorial staff of the New York Times calls the “most extreme” in history.

Interestingly, at the opposite end of the political spectrum, the Democratic platform has also been called the “most extreme platform in the history” of the party.

The platform represents the best thinking of group consciousness. While not everything in the platform will appeal to everyone who reads it, there should be enough in there for even the most cynical to find something to support.

Political experts point out that it would be impossible to find something acceptable to 300 million people. The platform comes close — very close.

As both parties hold polarizing views, a closer look at the GOP platform reveals the national political climate. The 66-page document makes many general statements and outlines the GOP’s path to making America great and united, “as it reaffirms the party’s commitment to conservative values. Included in the document are examples of Republican stands on issues which range from finance regulations to Washington, DC statehood.”

Here is a short glimpse at some of the points addressed in the Republican platform:

Abortion/Fetal Rights

• Oppose public funding of organizations performing, promoting or referring elective abortions or sell fetal body parts
• Set federal laws against the selling of fetal parts and greatly recommend states pass their laws
• Restoration of a national placental stem cell bank initially set-up by the George Bush administration


• Lower barriers to global competition
• Block mandatory GMO labeling
• Implement stronger controls and limits for SNAP benefits

American Territories

Grant Puerto Rico full statehood

Criminal Justice/Prison Reform

• Promote states rights in utilizing capital punishment
• Permit prison officials greater leeway in controlling inmates


• Limit export barriers on energy producers
• Reverse President Obama’s Keystone XL pipeline blocking

Foreign Policy

• Nullify all international executive agreements made by the Obama administration
• Condemn the Iran nuclear deal
• Call for American embassy in Israel to be relocated to Jerusalem
• Demand return of American remains from the Vietnam conflict
• Reject the legitimacy of any territory change imposed by Russia in Eastern Europe and elsewhere


• Condemn magazine capacity restriction laws
• Oppose federal registration for gun owners


• Establish English as the official language
• Construct a wall along the American/Mexican border


• Support the reversal of Obergefell v. Hodges which legalized same-sex marriage nationally

States’ Rights

Lift pressure on states and local governments to get in line with federal positions on issues including:

• Voter ID laws
• Immigration
• School restroom policies
• Oppose Washington DC statehood


• Introduce value-added tax tied to the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment
• Repeal FATCA and implement resident-based taxation for American citizens living offshore


• Work for worldwide, multilateral agreements to create free/open trade zones
• Refuse some forms of cooperation with China in response to currency manipulation and exclusion of American products


• Eliminate federal transit program
• Fight increased federal gas tax
• End TSA unionizing
• Permit private business to compete with Amtrak in part of the country

Voting/Electoral College

• Oppose National Popular Vote Interstate Compact http://www.nationalpopularvote.com/
• Support legislation which requires proof of citizenship and residency
• Suggest that electronic voting is backed up with paper trails
• Promote term limits for public office

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