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Fauci Thinks Lockdowns Should Have Been Stricter

by Anthony Buckley

It’s not uncommon for those in positions of power to suffer from hubris. And many of those with excessive and unwarranted pride in their abilities also suffer from lack of self-awareness. Anthony Fauci is probably foremost among them.

In recent comments, Fauci was asked what he might do over again in response to COVID. He answered that he would have suggested far more stringent measures to combat COVID, including much more stringent government restrictions with regard to mask wearing, physical distancing, and public gatherings.

He apparently fails to realize that masking and lockdowns did nothing to stop the spread of COVID. Countries like China, Australia, and New Zealand that enacted draconian restrictions still suffered from COVID. The disease was never going to be stopped.

Instead, we saw what happened when we give unrestricted power to bureaucratic medical “experts.” We’re still suffering from the effects of the policies those people implemented, with supply chains seemingly permanently upended.

Adding insult to injury, the recession caused by those lockdowns was responded to with massive fiscal and monetary stimulus, resulting in inflation that is now rocking the globe. And with another recession on the horizon, we could very well be facing a situation like the 1970s or even the Great Depression, with the potential for a lost decade of stagnant economic growth.

And for all of this we have Anthony Fauci and his ilk to thank. Rather than admitting that he was wrong, and coming to ask forgiveness for the destruction his policies created, he instead doubles down on his own wrongheadedness and insists that the government should have done even more to destroy the economy.

Were Fauci but a single man titling against windmills, his ideas wouldn’t be so destructive. Unfortunately for us, the government is full of people like him, and sympathizers who are all too happy to do his bidding. And the only way we’ll ever be free again is to boot people like him from government service and ensure that their ideas receive scorn rather than praise.

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