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Is This Who Democrats Want to Represent Them?

by Richard A Reagan

Many Americans expect their elected officials to be of good, upstanding character, role models for the rest of us. They expect elected officials to be intelligent, rational, and to think through all of their policy decisions. In fact, that’s why so many Democrats have attacked President Trump, because he fails to meet their expectations.

In the eyes of most Democrats, Trump is a boor, someone who abuses women, shoots from the hip, and changes his mind from minute to minute. Democrats say they want a President who is more presidential, someone with authority and gravitas. Yet what kind of candidates do they actually vote for?

Many people remember the case of the woman who flipped off President Trump’s motorcade as it passed her while she was bicycling. The woman worked for a government contractor and ended up losing her job as a result of her actions. But she ended up landing on her feet, in a way.

Voters in Loudon County, VA elected Juli Briskman to the county’s Board of Supervisors, unseating a Republican incumbent. You would think that flipping off the President is an unusual qualification for office, but apparently that works for Democrats. They would rather elect someone who crudely disrespects the President rather than someone who has actually done something for them. So much for wanting someone with character and gravitas. Any ordinary bird-flipper will do.

That puts the lie to Democrats’ criticism of President Trump, as numerous Democratic candidates and politicians are just as guilty of crass, boorish behavior. They might try to blame President Trump for lowering the level of political discourse, but that’s a load of BS. Just go to to any Democratic political rally and you’ll see some of the meanest, crassest, crudest people you’ll ever meet.

Many are completely unhinged, mentally deranged, and just downright kooky. So the next time you hear Democrats criticizing the President for his demeanor, just remember that it’s just another case of the pot calling the kettle black.

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