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Ivanka Trump Brings Leadership To GOP For Tax Reform

by Remso W. Martinez

As Republicans in Congress attempt to bring home a legislative win this year, the Trump Administration has sent in one of its best communicators and dealmakers to assist in efforts to bring home effective tax reform sooner than later – Ivanka Trump. In discussions with Republican lawmakers, Trump told the team she thinks it’s in everyone’s best interest to push for “the largest child tax credit possible,” which would mean an estimated $2,000 per child at minimum.

Ivanka’s presence on this team of legislators has brought in new energy and focus since having a businesswoman in the room creates a mindset oriented towards bringing home the best return on investment for Americans. “She is a formidable ally in any cause,” said Republican Senator Mike Lee (which means a lot since the Utah senator voted for Independent Evan McMullin in the 2016 general election). While trying to emphasize the importance of tax reform, Trump also drafted another tax reform expert, Grover Norquist from Americans for Tax Reform. When discussing the child credits as a large factor of any potential reform bill, Norquist stated: “As we go back, we’ve never had a successful tax reform that was not both pro-growth and pro-family. That’s how we put together a winning coalition to understand why we need to do it. It’s also important to do both of those things as we move forward.”

While many Republicans are pleased with the leadership and insight of the First Daughter, some Republican leaders see her presence as an unwanted hindrance, with some sources stating that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan aren’t too happy with her involvement. Regardless, Ivanka’s attendance at Trump rallies throughout the country continues to show that among middle- and working-class conservative voters she is more than popular, which cannot be said about GOP leaders Ryan and McConnell. With the fiscal year ending in less than a month and Republicans failing to pass any of the significant reforms they had promised, things are otherwise looking bleak for them as time runs down towards the upcoming midterms.

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