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Mainstream Media Sees Racist Bogeymen Everywhere

by Robert Wayne

The protests surrounding George Floyd’s death have unleashed a torrent of articles in the mainstream media about the pervasive systemic racism that exists in this country. If you take those articles seriously, you’d think that every white person in the US lives for nothing more than to oppress black people. Anyone with a shred of common sense, or who tries to point out the errors in that way of thinking, is castigated and branded racist for trying to exercise any logic.

One of the glaring examples of that today is the mainstream media coverage of the “boogaloo movement.” The “boogaloo movement” doesn’t exist, it’s a figment of the left’s imagination. The term boogaloo originated on 4chan and spread from there throughout the firearms community. It refers to the potential coming civil war that will result from the continuing and deepening divide in this country between right-thinking people who want to be productive, functioning members of society, holding down good jobs and raising their children right, and those who want to tear down the nuclear family, destroy businesses, and force communism on everyone.

The term boogaloo was even flagged for a while on social media as an extremist term or as glorifying violence, causing those posting boogaloo memes to develop other terms such as Big Igloo, Blue Glue, Big Luau, or booger lube. As a result, you’ll often see igloo morale patches and Hawaiian shirts worn by conservative firearms owners, such as at the Lobby Day rally in Richmond in January.

The mainstream media, oblivious to the fact that no one wants a boogaloo and oblivious to the fact that the term boogaloo is most often used in jest, particularly through the use of memes, thinks that there is a major boogaloo movement advocating for a civil war, and that the movement is connected with white supremacy and right-wing extremism. Those wearing Hawaiian shirts are tarred as racists. Some on the left are so ignorant of boogaloo memes that they have attempted to conflate the use of “alphabet bois,” a reference to federal law enforcement alphabet agencies such as the FBI and ATF, as a coded reference to black people. Reading left-wing “analysis” of boogaloo memes is like having the least cool kid in your high school class try to explain the meaning of the inside jokes used by various cliques. It’s cringeworthy, yet the booboisie on the left eat it up with spoons.

The fact of the matter is that the only political violence being fomented right now is by the left, whether it’s spontaneous looting or orchestrated destruction by Antifa goons. The left sees political violence as a dial that can be turned up at will whenever it feels the need to. But most on the right just want to be left alone to raise their families, improve their quality of life, and enjoy their freedoms. Conservatives are the ones being threatened by the left-wing violence that has been ratcheting up over the past four years, and the silent majority is getting tired of it. They don’t want a boogaloo, but if one starts up they’re damn sure going to be prepared for it.

Political violence is a Pandora’s box that the left seems dead set on opening, but it’s going to unleash a world of hurt on Antifa and their ilk. Boogaloo memes express the sentiment that many on the right have, that they really want to be left alone, but if pushed over the edge it will be no holds barred. Boogaloo memes are the spines of the porcupine warning of what will come. And leftists continue to poke the porcupine with a sharp stick, while crying to the hills about how aggressive it is.

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